And they call this man eloquent…

January 29, 2010 § 5 Comments

‘The middle east is obviously an issue that has plagued… the region… for … centuries.’

It appears the word ‘occupation’ is not a part of this blathering milquetoast’s vocabulary. (Kudos to the courageous questioner, who, I am told, was Laila Abdelaziz of the University of South Florida.)

The person he reminded me most of was this:


§ 5 Responses to And they call this man eloquent…

  • Mirroman says:

    Change you can believe in…what a hollow shell of a man.

  • pam says:

    what a fuckwhit, and I thought he might be OK< hear the jews in the audience screaming at the question!

  • BT says:

    i think the beauty contestant a did better job than her president ;D in answering suh TOUGH questions.

  • aishaghani says:

    i love the analogy to miss california, idrees.

    incidentally, as a result of leila’s example, last night i dreamt that i too confronted our president (only i was in the oval office :D). it may seem funny, but we see how instantaneously the imagination expands when certain actions enter into the realm of possibility.

  • vaks14 says:

    If that clown Obama is what the people of America refer to as eloquent, it’s pretty easy to see why they spent 8 years worshipping a barely literate dingbat from TexASS.
    As for the comparison to Miss Teen South Carolina – that’s an insult to the teenager…..

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