Defend the Freedom

January 1, 2014 § 3 Comments

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§ 3 Responses to Defend the Freedom

  • Ibrahim Hayani says:

    This is but another proof, if there were ever a need for one, exposing the falsity of the genocidal Assd regime’s commitment to the Palestinian cause, let alone the resistance to Israel’s occupation. How can any self-respecting person believe that such a murderous regime could possibility free the Palestinians when it is engaged in a systematic and deliberate genocidal campaign against the Palestinians in Syria after engaging in a similar criminal campaign against Palestinian camps in Lebanon? How could an inherently oppressive, indeed barbaric, regime give to the Palestinians that which it has denied to its own people, namely, freedom? The atrocities that have been committed by this murderous regime, whether in Syria or Lebanon, should be more than sufficient to convince any remaining fool that the criminal Assad regime was, and still is, just that, criminal. It should be uprooted from the noble soil of Syria in order to allow the trees of Syrian and Palestinian freedom to grow and bear their luminous fruits.

  • Albert Hadawi says:

    This is a man who is steeped in his driven hatred for his country of origin and the metaphor of the tree he so eloquently offers is hardly indicative of what will eventually happen in Syria and indeed in other Arab countries as they are blown asunder by the Zio-American agenda and the agenda of the murdering, inhuman, undemocratic Islamists animals who now infest that country and who are no more than puppets of the Zionists. The so called tree will bear fruits indeed, however, they will bear bitter fruits of desecration and of quizllings growing in abundance in the bitterness of the soil they were planted in and nourished by the blood of the people butchered there by traitors.

    Arabs unfortunately are equal opportunity whores and can, in most cases, be bought for a dollar to work against their people. As an Arab, I have been ashamed of that part of our character and feel sad that none of the Arab countries will amount to anything unless they can find a way to address this desecration and start to take real pride and to demonstrate honour for our heritage in ways that, so far, are alien to us, except for screaming like some drunken sailors the meaningless phrase.. “Allah U Akbar” every time they do something disgusting.Unfortunately, this is all the result of the Western worlds centuries of domination and desecration of all the Arabs.

    The enemy is NOT Assad. The enemy is Israel and the West that enables their collective crimes, and what are these brave Arabs who want to “kill” Assad doing about it. Well, collectively, the cowards are either working with Israel, or, bending down for them out of sheer impotency as they get raped.

    Yes indeed, the tree has certainly born the fruit of its masters..hopelessness, confusion and total disunity as we butcher each other to the delight of our puppet masters who are manipulating the strings.

  • Robin Yassin-Kassab says:

    O the slave mentality. even if your absurd conspiracies were accurate, the fact remains that assad has murdered, tortured and raped hundreds of thousands of Syrian Arabs. But you think he’s NOT the enemy. good for you.

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