Defend the Freedom

January 1, 2014 § 1 Comment

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§ One Response to Defend the Freedom

  • Ibrahim Hayani says:

    This is but another proof, if there were ever a need for one, exposing the falsity of the genocidal Assd regime’s commitment to the Palestinian cause, let alone the resistance to Israel’s occupation. How can any self-respecting person believe that such a murderous regime could possibility free the Palestinians when it is engaged in a systematic and deliberate genocidal campaign against the Palestinians in Syria after engaging in a similar criminal campaign against Palestinian camps in Lebanon? How could an inherently oppressive, indeed barbaric, regime give to the Palestinians that which it has denied to its own people, namely, freedom? The atrocities that have been committed by this murderous regime, whether in Syria or Lebanon, should be more than sufficient to convince any remaining fool that the criminal Assad regime was, and still is, just that, criminal. It should be uprooted from the noble soil of Syria in order to allow the trees of Syrian and Palestinian freedom to grow and bear their luminous fruits.

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