Piketty on the Real News

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Thomas Piketty, author of Capital in the 21st Century, tells us about his study of the history of income and wealth since the 18th century.

Ha-Joon Chang on Economics

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In the following video Ha-Joon Chang gives a lecture on his latest book, which is an introduction to economics, titled Economics: The User’s Guide. As an introductory text it covers all the main areas of the field. Rather usefully at the end of each chapter it has a further reading section. This gives an idea of the basic books the Cambridge professor would recommend to cover the whole discipline of economics. The books from this section have been compiled into a list titled Ha-Joon Chang’s Introduction to Economics Book List.

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

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Thomas Piketty joins two Nobel Prize winners and other scholars to discuss his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

The French economist Thomas Piketty (Paris School of Economics) discussed his new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century at the Graduate Center. In this landmark work, Piketty argues that the main driver of inequality—the tendency of returns on capital to exceed the rate of economic growth—threatens to generate extreme inequalities that stir discontent and undermine democratic values. He calls for political action and policy intervention. Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia University), Paul Krugman (Princeton University), and Steven Durlauf (University of Wisconsin–Madison) participated in a panel moderated by LIS Senior Scholar Branko Milanovic. The event was introduced by LIS Director Janet Gornick, professor of political science and sociology at the Graduate Center.

Cosponsored by the Luxembourg Income Study Center and the Advanced Research Collaborative.

What the 1% Don’t Want You to Know

April 22, 2014 § 1 Comment

On the Bill Moyers show, Economist Paul Krugman explains how the United States is becoming an oligarchy – the very system our founders revolted against. The discussion is focused on the work of Thomas Piketty, and includes a mention of the recent paper on oligarchy in the US by Martin Gilens, and Benjamin I. Page.

Thomas Piketty on Wealth, Income and Inequality

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The following video is of Thomas Piketty giving a lecture on his new book Capital in the 21st Century. For a review of the book see Martin Wolf in the Financial Times here.



Capital in the Twenty-First Century

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Thomas Piketty speaking on his newly released book on inequality Capital in the Twenty-First Century. For a review of the book see Paul Krugman’s article in the NYRB.

Gar Alperovitz on his life, the atomic bomb, and socialism

March 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

Part One: “Understanding the Imperialist System Changed My Life”

Part Two: “Nuclear Attack on Japan was Opposed by American Military Leadership”

Part Three: “Capitalism in Long Term Stagnation and Decay”

Part Four: “The Promise and Limitations of Worker Cooperatives”

Part Five: “What Would You Do If You Had Political Power?”

If you don’t like capitalism or state socialism, what do you want?


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