Cindy Sheehan interviews Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges Interview (53:40): MP3

Cindy Sheehan speaks to Chris Hedges, author of the classic War is a Force that Gives us Meaning. (The actual interview begins at 6:30)

Palestinians haven’t a partner for peace

Israel PM’s family link to Hamas peace bid. For long a constant refrain in Israeli propaganda has been the line that Israelis don’t have a partner for peace. In fact, since at least the ’50s Arabs have been offering Israel peace which it has repeatedly rejected. Here is new evidence that Israel isn’t interested in peace. ‘Olmert rejected Palestinian attempts to set up talks through go-between before Gaza invasion’, reports Peter Beumont.

Hamas, the militant Palestinian organisation, attempted to conduct secret talks with the Israeli leadership in the protracted run-up to the recent war in Gaza – with messages being passed from the group at one stage through a member of prime minister Ehud Olmert‘s family.

Confirmation of attempts to establish a direct line of communication between Hamas andIsrael – and the willingness of senior figures in Hamas to contemplate direct negotiations – fundamentally alters the narrative of the build-up to the war in Gaza which claimed more than 1,300 Palestinian lives and led to about a dozen Israeli deaths.

Most remarkable is the story of the involvement of a member of the prime minister’s family in the passing of messages to Olmert about the case of the kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

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Israel’s Death Squads

A former member of an Israeli assassination squad has broken his silence for the first time, and speaks to The Independent’s Donald Macintyre:

The Israeli military’s policy of targeted killings has been described from the inside for the first time. In an interview with The Independent on Sunday, and in his testimony to an ex-soldiers’ organisation, Breaking the Silence, a former member of an assassination squad has told of his role in a botched ambush that killed two Palestinian bystanders, as well as the two militants targeted.

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