Why Illegal Settlement Money Laundering is still “Off the Table”

Stuart Levey, Henry Morganthau Jr., Robert Morganthau

Last week District Attorney Robert Morgenthau announced pursuit of a bank allegedly involved in Iranian assets transfer. The ninety year old Manhattan District Attorney already prosecuted Lloyds TSB over the transfer of $300 million in Iranian cash. Morgenthau’s tight coordination with a secretive new US Treasury unit led by Stuart Levey follows a pattern of highly selective Israel lobby tag team law enforcement that began back in the 1940s.

Zionism is a long running current of New York’s Morgenthau family. Robert’s father Henry Morgenthau Jr. was Secretary of Treasury during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. His grandfather Henry Morgenthau Sr. was US Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire during World War I. Henry Jr. thought nothing of supporting Irgun terrorists with US government resources as he fought an intense and vicious bureaucratic battle to wrest policy over Displaced Persons from the US State Department during WWII. When President Roosevelt dragged his feet over policy takeover demands, Henry Morgenthau Jr. threatened to turn the State Department into an election year scandal. Anti-Semitism at State, he threatened, was a charge that “will require little more in the way of proof for this suspicion to explode into a nasty scandal.”

After the war the city of New York became the headquarters of a vast national smuggling network funneling millions in stolen American surplus military gear slated for decommissioning as scrap to Jewish fighters in Palestine. Tons of machine guns stolen from under watch of US marine guards, thousands of pounds of high explosive and Remington plant ammunition manufacturing equipment obtained for pennies on the dollar, and modern warplanes illicitly flowed through front companies manned by Haganah and a plethora of Zionist front groups. Even when crates of military high explosive bound for Palestine spilled onto the quays of New York shippers, local district attorneys and federal law enforcement simply looked the other way. Prosecuting the leaders of sophisticated Israel lobby networks bending US foreign policy outside the institutions of advice and consent governance gradually became politically unfeasible.

Illicit fundraising for Jewish fighters in Palestine operated alongside above board US Jewish relief agencies and fraternal organizations, sometimes with the same leadership and donors. Only a handful of low level operatives ever faced criminal penalties for violating US arms export controls. None of the big behind the scenes financiers ever faced the serious prospect of criminal prosecution. In later decades a culture of impunity steadily fueled nuclear technology smuggling, election fraud and massive commercial espionage. Crimes for Israel became all but immune from US prosecution under the steady and relentless politicization of the US Department of Justice, Treasury and local District Attorneys.

Today the US Treasury Department’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence claims to doggedly pursue criminal international money launderers. The office, created in 2004 by executive order under intense pressure of the Israel lobby, has delivered many of its briefings to the AIPAC think tank, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where it also sources contract employees. But as Morgenthau and Levey lay sophisticated tripwires for US military confrontation with Israel’s nemesis Iran, neither will tackle the oldest, largest and most destabilizing nexus of money laundering in the entire Middle East—$50-60 billion laundered from the US into the illegal colonization of Palestinian lands. Morganthau and Levey’s selective law enforcement presents a new, yet very old challenge to a president’s struggle to contain illegal settlements in the American interest for Middle East peace.

2 thoughts on “Why Illegal Settlement Money Laundering is still “Off the Table””

  1. The fearless Grant Smith once again writes truth. Levey (retained by the Obama Administration…) and his cohorts are traitors as they labor in the service of Zionist Israel. The entire matrix of Zionism, tentacled into the fabric of this planet in ways (deliberately) impossible to track, is a crazed psychosis which is enabled by every American’s tax dollars, is given impunity at every turn, and has implications for our future which bode ill for the survival of “civilization.” All one can hope is that the Grant Smiths among us will continue their quest, awakening the body politic, and creating a climate whereby the psychosis will be diagnosed, confronted, controlled, and overcome. My great respect to him….

  2. Morgenthau Snr was not a Zionist.In fact he denounced Zionism as “stupendous fallacy” and was outraged by the very idea of dual nationalty.He was unequivocal that he was an American before he was a Jew.

    Ironically it was his son Morgenthau Jnr who became inseparably associated with the founding of the satanic state.The post-war plan to which he gives his name ensured that Eastern Europe fell under Soviet yoke after WW2.His appointments of Harry Dexter White (whose true identity is unknown) and Alger Hiss who turned out both to be Soviet agents helped freeze the Cold War battle lines into position.Both men had worked assiduously at Yalta and other post-war summits to advance the Soviet geostrategic agenda.

    Morgenthau had first introduced Dexter White to the Treasury back in 1934 and it was this department that came to take precedence over State Department and foreign policy in the last years of WW2.

    Some researchers date the quiet but “profound revolution”,as Mary M Davidson termed the process in her 1966 book of that name,where the US constitution was finally subverted by the globalists from the mid-1930s period when FDR’s Brains Trust team dominated Washington.

    The partial enforcement of laws against money laundering and the Palestinian land-scams not to mention the Iranian trip-wire project mooted by Smith are all of a piece with previous Zionist infiltration of the Treasury by Morgenthau’s father.

    The “Soviet agents”,Hiss and Dexter White,were in point of fact working on behalf of the nascent Rothschild statelet.So too now are Morgenthau and Levey.

    Quite what America-first Morgenthau Snr.would have made of the current Treasury machinations will never be known.

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