Alan in Wonderland

Alan Dershowitz at the AIPAC annual conference calls Gen. Petraeus a bigot and tells him to ‘put up or shut up’. (In Yiddish it apparently means ‘support our troops’). If last year it was the BDS campaign that had the lobby riled, it appears this year it is the shattering of the taboo on Israel’s strategic costs to the US. There’s cause for modest celebration. Even Clinton failed to read entirely from the script. David Horovitz of Jerusalem post notes:  ‘But there was no escaping the sense that she was trying to deliver a wake-up call to an Israel perceived by this administration, to some extent at least, as blundering intransigently toward disaster.’

2 thoughts on “Alan in Wonderland”

  1. Here he is mouthing off against the mild-mannered J-Street. The guy clearly loves the sound of his own pontificating.

    “You can’t be pro-Israel and invite Brzezinski”

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