The Images Israel Doesn’t Want You To See

Cultures of Resistance filmmaker Iara Lee, who was on board the Mavi Marmara, has just released previously unseen footage of the massacre that took place on the ship. This is a 15-minute clip of an hour long tape she managed to smuggle out. (At about 05:10 you see the target list being carried by the Israeli soldiers)

Warning: video contains very disturbing images


7 thoughts on “The Images Israel Doesn’t Want You To See”

  1. It is also reported by Pakistani journalist, who was on Mavi marmara, that israelis deliberatly shot at ‘groins’ and in this video one can see that.

  2. This video shows clearly that Israelis are coward people.They only feel brave when they kill innocent unarmed children. And clearly they cannot act this way unless they had the nod from all its friends. The so called champions of democracy. The so called peace makers please stop lying because we now see your real face all of you evil doings.

  3. I am so shocked at this brazen act by the evil IDF. I now see that US is the biggest coward of all time since they know worse than this by Israel yet have no decency to show this. US is hiding itself behind words which shows the leadership has made a pact with the whore of Babylon Israel and that the US is truly lost to the satanic forces which shows itself to be the smiling, cold face of the devil. Revolution is needed in the US to take back their country as this evidence shows that US does not speak out against injustice anymore and nor is it the moral standard.

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