Oliver Stone on AIPAC, Israel, and Latin America

Viewers of HBO’s Real Time would know that Bill Maher is rather unhinged in his tribalist passions. Yesterday the great Oliver Stone was on the show and interrupted Maher’s usual zionist apologia to remind him that US foreign policy is run by AIPAC; that Israel supported Apartheid South Africa; and that its assault on the Freedom Flotilla was an act of piracy. Watch:

Also, note how the usually garrulous Rachel Maddow remains silent throughout the exchange. I suspect she is also PEP (progressive except for Palestine). Or maybe she just wants to keep her job.

For something more entertaining, check out this smackdown of a Republican rightwinger by Stone and Jesse Ventura on Larry King Live.

Author: Idrees Ahmad

I am a Lecturer in Digital Journalism at the University of Stirling and a former research fellow at the University of Denver’s Center for Middle East Studies. I am the author of The Road to Iraq: The Making of a Neoconservative War (Edinburgh University Press, 2014). I write for The Observer, The Nation, The Daily Beast, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Atlantic, The New Republic, Al Jazeera, Dissent, The National, VICE News, Huffington Post, In These Times, Le Monde Diplomatique, Die Tageszeitung (TAZ), Adbusters, Guernica, London Review of Books (Blog), The New Arab, Bella Caledonia, Asia Times, IPS News, Medium, Political Insight, The Drouth, Canadian Dimension, Tanqeed, Variant, etc. I have appeared as an on-air analyst on Al Jazeera, the BBC, TRT World, RAI TV, Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon, Alternative Radio with David Barsamian and several Pacifica Radio channels.

11 thoughts on “Oliver Stone on AIPAC, Israel, and Latin America”

  1. They raised two points on Real Time:

    1. Bill said: “What if Quebec was launching missiles at the US?” If Quebec were imprisoned by US military for the past 43 yrs, now in dire poverty, and not even allowed access to International Aid… would you not think they’d be a little tetchy? I think they should have jumped on that metaphor and thought it through some more simply to educate Bill. I love him, but sometimes he’s very misguided.

    2. Bill asked: “Why does the US need an enemy all the time?” No-one sufficiently answered this. If they did they would have said something like: An interchangeable enemy is nothing more than a tool. That tool has a purpose! A purpose for whoever put it in place. …aaaand the institutions that prop up this new enemy every time is the military/industrial/congressional complex. The US is a war company, and like all other companies, must remain active to make profit- and now, tragically, this runs the world narrative.

    It was a great show. I’m a big fan. But, boy, this frustrated me.

  2. Oliver North could’ve done better. Maher got away with his BS to an extent. It was nothing compared to what Gleen Greenwald did to MSNBC host Eliot Spitzer or what Jeremy Scahill did to former NYC mayor Ed Koch.

  3. Thank God Oliver Stone Made Bill Mahr Look like the zionist Shill he is.I was talking to someone in the know,and they said he knows the truth,but look what happen to him when he made the statement that we are cowards dropping bombs 10k feet. You speak out against israel ,and ur in showbiz,and ur not a Jew pic another career

  4. I agree agree with Christian, Oliver could have done better. People who do not regularly connect the dots do not see the cause and effect relationships between events, and they have trouble with too many parenthetical statements.

    Stone’s point about the Brazil-Turkey-Iran nuclear fuel agreement was too big to make all in one go.

    In general people want black and white explanations without history or context. You fire rockets we destroy you. It’s the American way. Which is what Bill gives them and which is why they watch his show. Axis of evil. ‘Nough said. Let’s drink beer.

    That’s why the row of bobble heads with Rachael at the end cannot find anything tsimple enough to say that an American audience could grasp. You have to speak in cartoons.

    But that’s the nature of the rhetorical work that needs to be done, isn’t it. If you try to rise above name calling and demagoguery you’re doomed. You might as well be fighting aliens on a space freighter in the Gamma Quadrant because in space, no one can hear you scream. The space between the ears on the average American.

    1. I presume you have read carefully. Why don’t you point us to the specific tenets granting Israel that right? And while you are at it, perhaps you can also tell us which law gives Israel the right to besiege Gaza.

      1. Indeed, I read everything very carefully.

        A) No law gives Israel the right to besiege the civilian population of Gaza.

        B) It does have the right to blockade in respect to preventing weapons or contraband reaching a hostile entity.

        However, contraband lists must be issued.


        Neutral merchant vessels

        67. Merchant vessels flying the flag of neutral States may not be attacked unless they:

        (a) are believed on reasonable grounds to be carrying contraband or breaching a blockade, and after prior warning they intentionally and clearly refuse to stop, or intentionally and clearly resist visit, search or capture;


        146. Neutral merchant vessels are subject to capture outside neutral waters if they are engaged in any of the activities referred to in paragraph 67 or if it is determined as a result of visit and search or by other means, that they:

        (f) are breaching or attempting to breach a blockade.


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