Israel Broadcasting Authority: “A Large-Scale Security Exercise has Concluded”

The following is a translation of a report by the Israel Broadcasting Authority (radio). These exercises were held three days before the Knesset approved a loyalty oath (to “the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state”) for non-Jews, wishing to become citizens of Israel.


A Large-Scale Security Exercise has Concluded

Carmela Menashe | 08.10.10 – 09:43


This image is the original image accompanying the article.


The exercise simulated facing Hamas terror attacks and Israeli Arab riots, following an agreement with the PA.

Yesterday (Thursday), Security forces completed a large-scale security exercise that simulates dealing with Hamas terror attacks and Israeli Arab riots following the signing of an agreement with the Palestinian Authority. Our correspondent reports that, among other things, the forces trained in extreme scenarios of violent demonstrations in the Arab sector, due to population exchange agreements with the PA.

A detention camp for Israeli Arabs will be established at the Golani Junction for the absorption of the detainees. The large-scale exercise, conducted and lead by the Prison Service, included the participation of Home Front Comand, the Israel police, military police, and fire forces. Our correspondent also learned that the exercise also simulated Hamas attempts of a takeover of Judea and Samaria, the [West] Bank, similar to the takeover of Gaza, renewal of terrorist attacks, riots in all prisons, missile fire directed at the prisons, attacking the installations from the outside. According to this scenario, the illegal stayers will be released from jail into the State of Israel, to make room in the prisons, to absorb Palestinian prisoners within 24 hours. Prison service has prepared according to this scenario, releasing 1500 illegal stayers from their lists. Practice for the Prison Service established two sites for the prisons simulating rescue practice. For training purposes, the Prison Service erected two sites that simulate prisons, for the purpose of rescue training. As such, the forces simulated criminal prisoner escape from the jails, and a police helicopter preformed a search until they were captured. Prison guard capture, hostage situations and other situations were simulated.

One thought on “Israel Broadcasting Authority: “A Large-Scale Security Exercise has Concluded””

  1. Same as now but scaled up to internment/consecration camps for Israeli Arabs and terrorist Hamas, so ALL Palestinians!!!

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