Departure Day

a poem by Naomi Foyle

for Egypt

Everywhere, the revolution

nods off in the wings, misses its cue
and the long-scripted farce bangs another door
in the face of the people

Here, the people resist
each other, the television flattens
and expands against the wall

until it is the wall
and its cold grey plasma
seeps like damp into our lungs.

There, it is blood that rises
in the back of the throat
spills on the pavement

with the little girl’s mango juice
and as she cries, the revolution
jerks awake, not too late

to bring the house down.

Naomi Foyle is a British poet and performer. Find out more about Naomi and her work by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Departure Day”

  1. such bad poetry, and such incorrect interpretation.
    Wisner is the Egyption zionist bagman, literally.
    But Mubarak and his crew are beyond saving.
    Fact is Wisner has now polluted and made dirty the USA in any support for Egyptian freedom and democracy.
    Clinton as a head Zionist cant even be visible.
    This is a fight within the USA administration.
    The Egypt revolution didnt nod off.
    The Egyptian people and entire world can see thru it.
    They now know the USA is two faced and deceptive and when push comes to shove, the USA danced to the tune of the Jews. Wisner has done massive damage to any future trust of the USA, and Egypt will find other partners it can trust.
    How about a better and more correct poem please?.

  2. Hannah – you have completely and totally misunderstood the poem. Naomi has not accused the revolution of nodding off. Quite the opposite.

    How about learning to read?

  3. perhaps look up the words ‘here’, ‘there’ and ‘everywhere’ in the dictionary, consider that Naomi Foyle is not an Egyptian name. (No reason why you should know this, but Naomi is a very active anti-Zionist. She doesn’t need your lecture.)

  4. Hannah – sorry if you misunderstood the poem. As Robin says, I definitely didn’t mean the people of Egypt nodded off, or lost their resolve, far from it. I meant that people are suffering everywhere and resisting to greater or lesser degrees – but that even where protest is at its height, you can’t script the revolution. But that also means that those who think they are in charge – aren’t. So many astonishing things have happened in Egypt the last days: no-one is in control anymore, and the people must keep crying out their demands.

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