Massacre in Benghazi

An update from our freedom-loving friend in Tripoli.

Internet is restored in Libya after 6 hours offline. Kaddafi’s regime is circulating messages to people in Benghazi saying: ‘’Mercenaries in east Libya are killing people and water has been poisoned by unidentified source’’. Gaddafi is facing the fight of his life; not only he is violently responding to protesters, but he is taking advantages of those mercenaries coming from African poor countries – who barely understand or are aware of what’s going on inside Libya and tempt them with small amount of money to KILL Libyans. Around 100 martyrs were killed in 4 days only!

Today, I called my friend in Benghazi. She told me: ‘’We are hungry, no food supplies for us; people are dying more and more everyday, women and children are amongst the dead in the horrific Benghazi massacre, we are isolated from the media coverage.” She also told me that yesterday three tanks tried to roll in but the soldiers abandoned them and citizens burned them. And yesterday night, the hospitals announced 40 dead martyrs including children (one child died- 13 years old), and this morning saw the death of 15 martyrs. Hospitals are running out of medical supplies & are calling for urgent need of medical aid; gun shots barely stop, and helicopters are firing and throwing bombs on protestors. Yet beyond all this mess, she is proud that people in east Libya are doing their best to recover from the virus that has been ruling Libya for over 40 years.

Last night people in Zawiya city (40 km away from Tripoli) went out supporting Benghazi and burned the posters of Kaddafi’s pictures. Misurata today went into demonstrations supporting Benghazi. Also, last night, minutes before the internet was wholly cut (I was told this morning & it’s confirmed by Libyan newspapers) that the house of the General Secretary of People’s Congress in Libya “Mohamed Zuwae’’ (former Libyan ambassador in US, UK and Morocco) was set on fire by the youth of ‘’Fateh Revolution’’.

Today, I also received calls from friends alerting me NOT to post videos, or any piece of information or news about what’s going on in Libya and specifically in east Libya through Facebook. They also told me not to join any page on facebook that support the demonstrations or click a ‘’LIKE’’ on whatever is posted in favor of the demonstrations against Kaddafi’s regime. They also informed me that there is a serious crackdown going on in Libya, as they caught 3 of their friends between 17th and 18th of February because of posting links and videos in favor of the demonstrations against Kaddafi’s regime.

The picture is jammed entirely on Al-Jazeera every time they bring news about the peaceful demonstrations in Libya. Now, while I’m writing this piece, I was informed that ‘’Fashloom’’ area in Tripoli is under heavy gun fire and people are fighting and dying with security forces, and the exiled Libyan opposition group confirmed that the death toll has reached 120 in Benghazi.

Kaddafi‘s oppressive tools are thunderously increasing and once again proving he has no respect for human life, but will the rest of the world remain silent again while Benghazi is turning to a scene of a massacre?

3 thoughts on “Massacre in Benghazi”

  1. i am an english woman living in london uk. i am absaloutly disgusted with the uk and usa for letting this continue. i just cannot believe that they go on about freedom of speech and human rights and yet they stand by and watch people get killed because they dont want to rock the boat with their mate ghadaffi. after watching all the news i would hope that the people of libya if they get their hands on ghadaffi and his family will slowly torture him to death.and i feel ashamed that i live in a country that protects theese people for their own needs.all my thoughts and love are with the people of libya now, god bless you all

  2. Why is 2011 significant in understanding why the middle east is in flames? 1. Demographics: There is a baby boom of 20-30somethings in the middle east, almost 30% have no jobs—even college graduates have no future 2. The Kings and Presidents are tired, old men in their 70’s 3. When Ben Ali ran away from Tunisia, the populus lost their fear.

    Me? I am disgusted with Obama. We had an opportutity to defeat Al Queda (who hates the uprisings because they are not part of it) by supporting democracy in the Middle East. So what has ‘The Americans’ done? They have thrown the Presidents for life under the bus and supported the Kings (esp the oil rich ones).
    Pres. Obama has done NOTHING to stop the slaughter of the Libyians. How many NANO-SECONDS would it have taken for President Reagan to bomb Tripoli in support of the Protesters? How long to push a button!!! The Americans are placing their selfish interests abouve their morals and trust me, it will come back to haunt them!!!

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