US vetoes UN resolution on Israeli settlements

Al Jazeera English — Despite receiving the backing of 14 out of 15 members of the United Nations’ security council, an Arab-sponsored UN resolution branding Israeli settlements illegal was vetoed by the United States.

Meanwhile AIPAC is pleased with the Obama administration’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year which slates 5.6 billion US tax dollars for Israel, 3.1 billion of which will be military aid.

That same budget proposal continues US military aid for Egypt, but with room for alterations depending on developments…

4 thoughts on “US vetoes UN resolution on Israeli settlements”

  1. Why cannot she be honest about it and simply state: we had to veto the resolution because that is what AIPAC insisted on. That would have cleared the air a little and might even have made some US lawmakers just a little bit ashamed of themselves.

  2. Egypt fever is arriving in occupied Palestine; on the other hand support by Abass for the mild resolution should not be taken that he is no longer a puppet of imperialism and a total sellout. He is held hostage against his will by the heroic Palestinian masses who stand up against all of world imperialism (all brands of good cop and bad cop varieties) Viva the workers in Wisconsin, Egypt fever is arriving in the USA- the US worker is finally awaking from their coma

  3. What a shameful act on the part of the Obama Administration! What has happened to the moral strength of the author of the “Audacity of Hope”? Political observers make a huge mistake when they ignore the centrality of the “Palestinian factor” in the current upheavals taking place throughout the Arab world. In addition to protesting against lack of democracy, brazen violations of human rights, abuse of power, and corruption, the Arabs everywhere are also expressing their anger against the failure of the despotic Arab regimes to stand up for the sacred rights of the Palestinian people for dignity and freedom, including the feedom to control their collective destiny in their homeland (Palestine), and the degnity to live without occupation and the repugnant racism they are subjected to on a daily basis by the occupying forces of Israel and Jewish settlers. The main cause of Arabs’ anger against the United States is rooted in the fact that virtually every single building in every single illegal Jewish settlement in the occupied territories is, in one way or another, being paid for by the American taxpayer. In other words, the Americans are actively involved in the perpetuation of Israel’s occupation and oppression of the Palestinians.

    One is left to wonder as to when will American policy makers command the courage to face the fact that America’s unconditional support for Israel (even in the face of the overwhelming majority of the world community) has become not only a huge “liability” for the U.S. both economically and politically, but also the biggest and most enduring reason for Arab resentment of, and frustration with, American policy in the Arab world as well as in the Muslim world. How could the United States claim to be the land of law and order when it is supporting the illegal activities of Israel in the occupied territories?


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