Scandalously Done

picture by Carlos Latuff

Our witness in Tripoli writes:

At 2am I hear gunfire and screaming coming from far. Hours later, I heard that a woman was randomly shot by ‘security forces’ while she was standing by her window in an area called Zawiyat Adahmani, which is near the area of Ben Ashour, where I live.

Last night there were big celebrations around the streets and mainly in Green Square by the thug’s supporters (when 2 days ago almost 1000 martyrs were brutally killed). Following his threatening speech, anyone who walks in the streets of Tripoli by night will be cleared (killed) right away- exactly as he said. Right after the celebrations, non-Libyan mercenaries and some black Libyans (from the south) belonging to ‘kitaib khamis‘ (the Khamis Qaddafi Brigade) were spread all around Tripoli (there is a video taken proves mercenaries driving around the area of Fashloom- at least 8 open cars).

If there was any doubt before, there is no longer now: Qaddafi has explicitly declared intention to massacre his own people! A French medical source in Benghazi claimed that the death toll in Benghazi area only reached 2000 martyrs (which mean total martyrs of Libya must have reached 3000 – may they rest in peace).

I can tell by now that the world is seriously condemning the ruthless actions of the psychopath Muammar Qaddafi but the calls for immediate sanctions are definitely not enough for such a killer, who shoots his own people from airplanes (a video confirmed the shooting from airplanes and pictures show the bullets in the streets of Tripoli – 35 mm bullets: these are small grenade that must to be thrown from a plane or a machine gun, NOT from by human). These sanctions must take place in the coming hours, unless the bloodbath will continue! The press coverage is increasing day after day but the international governments’ response is too slow and pathetic. Until today, Qaddafi still get the support and receives mercenaries from the poor African countries! How can a lunatic killer vows to die a ‘martyr’? When it’s more like, he’ll make everyone in Libya a martyr before he steps down!

His speech was delivered in a true madman-style because he’s afraid and scared and about to stand alone and realize that he is the worst of all the thugs of history, and he is now ready to continue exceeding all limits through declaring genocide campaigns, sabotage of oil installations, shooting whoever walks in the streets of Tripoli by night.

The Libyana phone company is sending messages which read: “God bless Colonel Qaddafi, if you send this message to 10 people your credits balance will be more than 100 LYD.” Another message: the General People’s Committee alerts all citizens who work in both the public and private sector to go back to their daily normal life and work starting from today.’’

A confirmed source told me that the families can’t collect the bodies of their martyrs from the hospitals. Every family must first sign on a paper that they were killed by the terrorists (rebels) and not by mercenaries or battalions. My friend just called me now and informed me that on the night of 21st February massacres in Tripoli, the mercenaries collected a huge number of the martyrs’ bodies from the streets and put them in a truck for a mass burial nearby the beach in Tripoli. My friend also confirmed to me that at this very right moment, the area of Tajoura in the outskirts of Tripoli is under severe attack, and civilians are being killed.

The Qaddafi government’s use of deadly force against its own people means the end of the regime itself. However, Libya is unlike Egypt. It has a small population and vast oil wealth, and that will always allow Qaddafi to buy support through patronage. Plus his level of paranoia is much higher than ever now, which means he is ready to do whatever it takes to stay even if he will have to kill all Tripoli (though he knows deep down inside his filthy inward self that he’s scandalously DONE).

4 thoughts on “Scandalously Done”

  1. Apparently, the enemy of my enemy is an asshole too. Marc Cooper, of The Nation and author of “Pinochet & Me,” shows why. I guess the old adage “you are the company you keep” rings true.

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