Freedom for Palestine

Some of our favourite artists and campaigners–Maxi Jazz (Faithless), Dave Randall (Slovo/Faithless), LSK, the Durban Gospel Choir, members of the London Community Gospel Choir, Jamie Catto (1 Giant Leap) and many more–join the OneWorld campaign to bring you the following new single.

Palestine is in crisis. Today Palestinians face daily human rights abuse and live in crushing poverty in refugee camps and under Israeli Occupation.

In response to this injustice, a group of international musicians are releasing the song Freedom for Palestine by OneWorld.

War on Want, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, A Just Peace for Palestine, Friends of Al Aqsa, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions UK, Stop the War Coalition, Trust Greenbelt and the A.M.Qattan Foundation.

Proceeds from the single will go to UK Charity War on Want for projects in Palestine.

6 thoughts on “Freedom for Palestine”

  1. Nice song for Palestinian propoganda. I wish no harm on anyone, however who is singing about the Palestinian terrorism against the Jews?

    1. “who is singing…”

      The powerful, intimidating, well-funded Israel lobby in the US, UK etc. Netanyahu to a US congress that gave him almost 30 standing ovations. And trolls like you of course who have the time and money to scour the web looking for places to spread your hasbara.

      And that “Palestinian terrorism” you talk about isn’t against the Jews. When used (which from a numbers POV hardly compares to Israeli terrorism) it was against the repressive, occupying Israeli regime who thrives on claims of victimhood while murdering innocent men, women and children. See Gaza December 2008-09… 1,300 killed in one month as just one example. 300 children. On the Israeli side 13 killed, 4 to friendly fire.

      You wish harm to everyone apart from those who think like you.

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