Roger Waters indicts Israel at the UN

29 November 2012 — We are delighted that an overwhelming majority of countries at the UN General Assembly voted to upgrade Palestine to a non-member observer status.  To coincide with this, here is Roger Waters, the front man for Pink Floyd, the greatest rock band ever, speaking earlier in the day, on behalf of the Russell Tribunal, delivering his indictment of Israeli criminality at the UN and making a plea for the recognition of Palestine as a non-member observer state.

Author: Idrees Ahmad

I am a Lecturer in Digital Journalism at the University of Stirling and a former research fellow at the University of Denver’s Center for Middle East Studies. I am the author of The Road to Iraq: The Making of a Neoconservative War (Edinburgh University Press, 2014). I write for The Observer, The Nation, The Daily Beast, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Atlantic, The New Republic, Al Jazeera, Dissent, The National, VICE News, Huffington Post, In These Times, Le Monde Diplomatique, Die Tageszeitung (TAZ), Adbusters, Guernica, London Review of Books (Blog), The New Arab, Bella Caledonia, Asia Times, IPS News, Medium, Political Insight, The Drouth, Canadian Dimension, Tanqeed, Variant, etc. I have appeared as an on-air analyst on Al Jazeera, the BBC, TRT World, RAI TV, Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon, Alternative Radio with David Barsamian and several Pacifica Radio channels.

5 thoughts on “Roger Waters indicts Israel at the UN”

  1. For an American Rock star living in New York, US it must take a lot of courage and conviction to make this public address at the UN. Bravo!
    Will you get to hear this speech on CNN/Foxnews? Would it make an difference to the average American unstinted suppport for the war crimes committed by the Jewish state of Isreal. Probably not- but it made a difference to me. I am now a Roger Waters Fan forever

    1. Pervez

      I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly. Just a note – Roger Waters is a British Rock Star living in New York; Pink Floyd were a British band.

      Roger Waters – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Personally, I think that the American people would react if they knew that their tax dollars were feeding the Israeli war machine especially in these austere times. There are many great Americans trying to get the message across, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein, Ward Churchill, Howard Zinn (deceased), Naomi Klein (Canadian) but their voices are small in comparison with the mighty media corporations who are enriched by the Industrial Military / Prison Complex.

      Best wishes

      John Andrews

  2. Of course Roger Waters, with his knowledge of the damage done in secret, behind the concealing apartheid wall
    All in all, you’ve removed one of the many bricks holding up that racist Isralei wall, thank you Roger, for doing what you can

  3. I am sure that Pervez also supports the murder of Christians in Gaza by Hamas, “honor killings” of gays and women — and all the other real crimes against humanity that hypocrites like Roger Waters merely ignore, as opposed to Pervez who undoubted supports the brutality of the Palestinians.
    Waters is dead wrong. The Palestinians are an apartheid society, not Israel: These so-called Palestinians — they originally called themselves SYRIANS or just ARABS — discriminate against gays, women, non-Muslims and EACH OTHER: Gaza hates the West Bank. The West Bankers hate Jordanians and vice versa. Jordanian “Palestinians” despise the Arabs of Israel — and the Arabs at Isrrael, when in Jordan, hang out with each other and are home sick for Israel!
    Then, of course, you all ignore the REAL history of the “Palestnians”: They were ALLIES OF HITLER. OFFICIALLY. Their leader, Haj Amin El-Husseini was a COMMANDER IN THE NAZI ARMY. He raised TWO BATTALIONS of Muslim Croatians who machine gunned and took to the local concentration camp Jews, gypsies and partisans. He also stopped attempts to save 900 Hungarian Jewish children and then 5,000 Hungarians, demanding they be gassed instead. He won the argument. He toured Auschwitz, escorted by Himmler himself. He was a buddy of Eichmann. He met with Hitler. And in the British Mandate of Palestine, the portrait of Hitler in Arab homes was ubiquitous.
    As for the British — like Roger Waters — he is just another typical, loathesomely, despicably arrogant, Jew hater. The British have always been snobbish Jew haters. They first exiled their Jews in the late 1200s. The first “Blood Libel” in all of Europe was in the town of Lincoln, England in the 1200s. It resulted in the killings of innocent Jews. The British kept the land internationally mandated for a Jewish home closed — at the demand of the Arabs — so the Jews could be gassed and burned. Waters would have been another useful idiot for Hitler and he is now a useless idiot for fanatic, jihadi Islamism.
    You people are ignorant, bigoted and foolish.
    Waters is just another British prig.

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