Coffee With Hezbollah: A Review

by Tom Chartier Lately, in the last few years… like since Richard Milhous Nixon assumed the coveted title of POTUS… I have had trouble falling asleep at night. Sound familiar? You betcha! The stresses and anxiety of the days have a tendency to beat us to death, and relaxation is tough to find. How to … Continue reading “Coffee With Hezbollah: A Review”

Coffee With Hezbollah

Here’s a strange and sparkly, jumpy and tightly-packed little book by PULSE’s own Belen Fernandez, in which our heroines (Belen and the photographer Amelia Opalinska) hitch-hike through Lebanon and Syria a few weeks after the war of summer 2006, consuming far more caffeine than is good for them. Beyond Gonzo, it doesn’t pretend to be … Continue reading “Coffee With Hezbollah”

Photographing Poland

by Amelia Opalinska For many years I have wanted to photograph my grandparents’ home and related scenes from my childhood in Poland, the country from which I emigrated in 1991. It was not until I visited this past January, however, that I felt equipped with the proper sensitivity to capture the images that have served … Continue reading “Photographing Poland”

Secretary Gates, Colombia, and Paying Your Client States

When asked in a Presidential debate why he opposed the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, Barack Obama framed his concerns with Colombia’s deplorable human rights record. Now that he is President and the labor movement is far more inconsequential, these concerns have evidently withered away. Yesterday, Secretary of Defense and Bush Administration carry-over Robert Gates was … Continue reading “Secretary Gates, Colombia, and Paying Your Client States”