Obama’s Afghan Escalation, Colonial Feminism, and the Realist Cassandra

The Left can be so full of shit. Check out today’s Democracy Now! for instance. The coverage is ostensibly about opposition to Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan. The guests however have their own axes to grind. We are told Afghanistan was ‘progressive’ Communist and Socialist, and the Soviets genuinely wanted Afghans to remain independent — and then the US intervened and ruined everything. We are told the Russians never meant to stay — it was only the insurgency that forced them to. We are then shown a documentary where images of Muslims in prayer are superimposed over tales of women’s oppression — who wouldn’t want the Marine Corps to carry out their feminist agenda if the alternative for Afghan women is so bleak?

Interestingly, the only sensible words in the program come from an NBC interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski. The former National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter is often endowed with demonic powers by the Left, even though he hasn’t held any position of power in three decades, and few have read a word he has written beyond the title of one of his books — The Grand Chessboard — and a 1998 interview with the La Novel Observateur where he bragged about his supposed role in bringing down the Soviets. In fact, for nearly a decade, ZB has played a Realist Cassandra to the neocon chorus opposing the war against Iraq and repeatedly intervening to check the escalations against Iran.

This is not meant to be an endorsement of Brzezinski, but rather an indictment of the sections of the Left which have failed to shed their colonial messianism.