It’s a Miracle

Roger Waters is a prophet. This is from Amused to Death, an album that was inspired by Neil Postman’s classic book Amusing Ourselves to Death. (gracias Judith)

It’s A Miracleby Roger Waters

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The Corpulent Bitch: A case study in the infantilization of one adult

Hitchens appeals to the Jackass generation
Hitchens appeals to the Jackass generation

Christopher Hitchens used to be an intrepid muckraker of the Left. He used to be friends with the likes of Edward Said, Chomsky, Tariq Ali et al; and he used to take on people like Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger and assorted pundits of the Right. Since 9/11 he made his peace with power, and turned the crosshairs 180 degrees to people already targets of the right’s vast army of character assassins. He valiantly used perches provided by Rupert Murdoch and Conrad Blackt to assault the likes of Howard Zinn, Norman Finkelstein, Tariq Ali, Arundhati Roy, and, in the most dastardly act of his career, he attacked Edward Said when his health was in terminal decline, and again in his obituary. Last month karma caught up with him when he was turned into a punching bag by members of the SSNP in Lebanon for desecrating the memorial of a martyr from the 1982 war against Israel. This odious creature who once used to wow notoriously Anglophile American audiences with his Oxbridge accent feigning high birth (he actually comes from a rather undistinguished stock) it appears is now trying to prolong his declining career by appealing to the Jackass generation. He has event adopted its juvenile lingo, renaming his column ‘Hitch-Bitch’,  appropriately adorned with an image of him doing a mook-on-steroids expression for the camera. At this rate I suspect we’ll soon be hearing that his obesity is nothing more than an Awesum Xperiment in XTREEEEEMMME health!

This reminded me of an excellent interview with Benjamin Barber on his last book Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults, and Swallow Citizens Whole, where he speaks about this very phenomena.