Moderate Muslims

75-year-old widow to be flogged‘, the Independent reports. This is Saudi Arabia which, like Egypt, Jordan and Morocco, is pronounced ‘moderate’ by the West because it shows high tolerance for Israeli atrocities (unlike the ‘extremists’ of Syria, Iran, Hamas and Hizbullah).

The sentencing of a widow to 40 lashes for mingling with two young men has sparked new criticism of Saudi Arabia.

Khamisa Sawadi, who is Syrian but was married to a Saudi, was convicted and sentenced last week for meeting with men who were not her immediate relatives.

The two men, including one who was Mrs Sawadi’s late husband’s nephew, were reportedly bringing her bread. They were also found guilty and sentenced to prison terms and lashes.

The woman’s lawyer, Abdel Rahman al-Lahem, said today that he plans to appeal against the verdict, which also demands that Mrs Sawadi be deported after serving her prison term.

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