What we can learn from Gandhi

In this talk delivered at the Maastricht University on 3 December 2008 Norman Finkelstein looks at the implications of Gandhi’s example for the Israel-Palestine Conflict (see also his touching upon this theme in a more recent Q and A):

Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict: What we can learn from Gandhi – by Norman G. Finkelstein

01.16.2009 | The Gandhi Foundation
By gandhifriends

The following article was delivered as the Tans Lecture, Maastricht University, Netherlands on 13th November 2008. The numbers in brackets mark footnotes.

“This lecture will divide into three parts. First, I will lay out the terms of the international consensus for resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict. Second, I will sketch Gandhi’s doctrine of nonviolent civil resistance. Third, I will assess the relevance of Gandhi’s doctrine for the Israel-Palestine conflict. I will argue that a moral legal consensus is a prerequisite for Gandhi’s doctrine to succeed. In the case of the Israel-Palestine conflict such a consensus does exist, and consequently those seeking a just and lasting peace might benefit from giving Gandhi’s doctrine a serious hearing.

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