The story is getting out despite massive Israeli propaganda strategy

By Mazin Qumsiyeh

The Israeli lies combined with media blackout on anything but their own version were apparently prepared long in advance of their planned massacre. Claiming they found weapons but all they could show is kitchen knives and construction tools (wrenches, water pipes etc).  All cargo was listed on the ships’ manifesto that the Israeli ‘intelligence’ agencies could easily acquire and were freely available and meticulously documented by the organizers.  The Israeli spin machine also claimed they were first trying to use non-lethal weapons including, and this is no joke, paint ball guns (funny that we did not see evidence of passengers with painted shirts but only blood soaked shirts). The respected media watch group FAIR detailed how some Western media (mis)reported of the attack on the humanitarian aid ships: ‘Reporting Israeli Assault Through Israel’s Eyes: Attack on humanitarian flotilla prompts little media skepticism

Reporters Without Borders urges the Israeli authorities to release a list of the journalists who were arrested during yesterday’s raid on the humanitarian flotilla and to say where they are being held.  There were at least 15 foreign journalists travelling with the flotilla who still cannot be reached directly. These are the names of the journalists known to have been aboard the flotilla:,37630.html

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Freedom Flotilla activists released to Jordan

Released Freedom Flotilla activists speak about Israeli terrorist actions on board the Mavi Marmara. It is good to see that the Pakistani journalist Syed Talat Hussain is also alive and well.

AlJazeeraEnglish — 02 June 2010 — Over one hundred and twenty of the Freedom Flotilla activists, finally released from Israeli detention. The activists were captured and cut off from contact from more than two days. They tell us stories of the deadly Israeli raid on the Mavi Marmara ship and the dreadful treatment they were subjected to.

And thus Glenn Greenwald destroyed an Israel lobby lapdog

UPDATE: Unfortunately the BBC doesn’t fare any better when it comes to kowtowing to the lobby. But Channel 4 has a formidable anchor in the person of Jon Snow. See below for a video of Snow’s interview with Israel’s chief propagandist Mark Regev.

Glenn Greenwald lays out the context for the confrontation:

I was just on MSNBC talking about Israel, the Gaza blockade and the flotilla attack with Eliot Spitzer, who was guest-hosting for Dylan Ratigan.  It was a rather contentious discussion, though quite illustrative of how Israel is (and is not) typically discussed on American television, so I’m posting the whole 8-minute segment below.  Two points:  (1) before I was on, Spitzer had on an Israel-defending law professor, followed by Netanyahu’s former Chief of Staff, and both of them (along with Spitzer) were spewing pure Israeli propaganda in uninterrupted and unchallenged fashion; at the end of Spitzer’s discussions with them, he asked them to “stick around just in case,” and once I was left, he brought at least one of them back on to respond to what I said without challenge; (2) literally 90 seconds before my segment was about to begin, the new cam and sound system I just acquired stopped working, forcing me to unplug everything and use only my laptop cam and mic, which caused the technical aspects to be less than ideal (though still perfectly workable).