Israel Lobby’s 50 Year Campaign to Subvert Free Speech in America

“Takes on the World” WZYX public radio program broadcast on 9/8/2010.

Jewish Agency payment voucher to the American Zionist Council (AIPAC forerunner)

Host Jeffrey Blankfort interviews Grant F. Smith on the public radio program “Takes on the World” about newly unsealed Senate Foreign Relations Committee files investigating the Israel lobby. The documents reveal quarterly $5,000 payments ($38,000 today) from the Jewish Agency to AIPAC for the lobbying newsletter “Near East Report” and illegal foreign funded covert actions designed to permanently undermine American free speech.

00:00:45 Host Jeffrey Blankfort: peace processing and the Israel lobby
00:01:22 Legitimacy crisis: Abbas in, Hamas out and the US as “neutral” arbitrar
00:02:20 Colonization during the “settlement freeze”
00:03:15 $5 billion F-35 jet fighter potlatch
00:05:10 Massive US JP-8 jet fuel shipment to Israel
00:09:00 Purchase priorities: Iraqi and other ME weapons procurement
00:11:35 In trouble with the lobby EU to US: Stone, Thomas, Nasser, and de Groote
00:14:10 IRmep and Grant Smith’s investigatory work
00:15:45 “Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal” panel at the Spy Museum
00:16:45 1960’s birth of the Israel Lobby: The DOJ and Senate investigate
00:17:25 Key Findings: AIPAC’s 7 year campaign to alter US ME press coverage
00:18:22 The Senate classified findings, because investigation failed
00:19:30 Am. Council for Judaism calls for investigation of Jewish Agency money laundering
00:20:26 AIPAC’s campaign to shut down competing ideas: academia, media and government
00:20:50 Half century of targeting American free speech rights
00:21:16 Abraham Feinberg: Israel’s nuclear weapons program funding coordinator and AIPAC donor
00:21:39 Two prong attack: Dimona propaganda, undermining Kennedy nonproliferation drive
00:22:03 The AIPAC media cover-up: Israel’s Dimona nuclear weapons plant as “peaceful”
00:25:00 The mobsters who funded AIPAC when legitimate donors wouldn’t
00:26:23 The American Council for Judaism’s moral and legal challenges to AIPAC
00:27:18 The Israel lobby’s hidden business model: global swaps with the Israeli gov’t
00:30:50 The Jewish Agency’s man on the Obama National Security Council: Dennis Ross
00:32:20 NPR turns down preferential access to declassified Israeli media manipulation files
00:34:23 Israel lobby coverage: overseas and alternative news only, forbidden in America
00:35:00 “62 tactics” to undermine American free speech rights in effect for 50 years
00:37:00 Free trips to Israel for opinion leaders, politicians and media personalities
00:38:55 Q&A ……a new movement is building

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John Mearsheimer on Israel’s Nukes, Espionage and its Impact on the U.S.

UPDATE: Contributions by Jeffrey Blankfort and PULSE’s Grant F. Smith and a transcript of John Mearsheimer’s remarks added below.

John J. Mearsheimer’s address at a recent IRMep panel event on ‘Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal‘ (full transcript over the fold). Some highlights: at the 14 minute mark, Mearsheimer sees the internet as a game-changer in Middle East politics; he emphasizes Israel’s lack of accountability “on any issue”; he also mentions the historical opposition within the US national security establishment to Israel acquiring nuclear weapons which is not deemed in the US national interest (21 minute mark) and his pessimism about the peace talks charade. The national interest of the two countries will continue to diverge, Mearsheimer predicts, with the result that the Israel Lobby in the US will be working overtime. “Things are really bad now”, he concludes, “but I’m sad to say they’re only going to get worse”.

On a related note, also check out Report: Secret document affirms U.S.-Israel nuclear partnership.

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