John Mearsheimer on Israel’s Nukes, Espionage and its Impact on the U.S.

UPDATE: Contributions by Jeffrey Blankfort and PULSE’s Grant F. Smith and a transcript of John Mearsheimer’s remarks added below.

John J. Mearsheimer’s address at a recent IRMep panel event on ‘Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal‘ (full transcript over the fold). Some highlights: at the 14 minute mark, Mearsheimer sees the internet as a game-changer in Middle East politics; he emphasizes Israel’s lack of accountability “on any issue”; he also mentions the historical opposition within the US national security establishment to Israel acquiring nuclear weapons which is not deemed in the US national interest (21 minute mark) and his pessimism about the peace talks charade. The national interest of the two countries will continue to diverge, Mearsheimer predicts, with the result that the Israel Lobby in the US will be working overtime. “Things are really bad now”, he concludes, “but I’m sad to say they’re only going to get worse”.

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