Road to Hope convoy: We are stalled at Egyptian border

From a press release just issued by the Road to Hope convoy:

The Road to Hope humanitarian aid convoy continues its role in the international community’s collective mission to break the illegal siege of Gaza and deliver desperately needed aid to the people of Palestine in Gaza. The convoy has travelled four and a half thousand miles and is currently located at the Libyan/Egyptian border, where it finds itself at a standstill, with very limited access to internet and to direct communications with the outside world.

The convoy comprises 30 vehicles and 101 humanitarian aid workers.  Among them are 8 survivors of the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla; 7 of them were aboard the Mavi Marmara, including Ken O’Keefe, who was involved in disarming two Israeli commandos.

The Road to Hope convoy is committed to acting in a non-political, non-confrontational manner, and to cooperating with every government in every country through which it has travelled.  Thus far this approach has rewarded it with exceptional receptions in every nation.  All of the North African governments have been extremely accommodating, and the people of each nation even more so.  Special praise is due to the Libyan government for its constant support; when the convoy has faced challenges such as the breakdown of vehicles, the Libyan authorities have provided the means to repair those vehicles and continue the mission.

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