Size doesn’t matter?

By Dalia Elcharbini: Visual Artist

By Dalia Elcharbini: Visual Artist

Artwork by Dalia Elcharbini – Facebook page here and website here.

For more background on the Zionist propaganda campaign, see here, here and here.

Author: benwhite

I could say a lot about myself at this point, but to be honest, you wouldn't be that interested.

6 thoughts on “Size doesn’t matter?”

    1. Israel doesn’t have borders. It has armistice lines. The pre-requisite for Hezbollah to recognize Israel within any borders is for Israel to declare some.

    2. Um its fine to hate isreal…. But its not contributing to any solution you cant expect to drive the isrealies into the sea people have already tried that… There alot stronger today and like palistinians are raised to hate isrealies Isrealies are now being raised to hate palistinians. I was in the middle east and both sides made me sick because they both have beutifle people and cultures yet this ideology of hate will destroy both the palistinians and isrealis….. Unless palistinians and isrealis can work together there will be no end to bloodshed and sadness….

  1. The same borders it keeps breaching with illegal flyovers? Why would HA stoop to recognise a belligerent, hostile entity that doesn’t recognise it? Keep trying with your pathetic lame hasbara caleb.

    Thanks for the great posters, Ben.

  2. Such a direct and honest way to respond on a pathetic champaign. No champaign can cover the crime of Israeli Apartheid. Good job Dalia!

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