3 thoughts on “Robin Yassin-Kassab”

  1. Hi Robin, Just saw your name and remembered that I wanted to check you had a review copy of the English version of Rasha al Ameer’s Judgment Day (which I translated, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be asking), Best regards,
    Jonathan Wright
    Apologies for contacting you this way but I can’t find your email address anywhere


  2. Hi Robin,
    I’ve just been watching your master-class presentation which you made in Karachi in 2012. As an aspiring writer, I found it absolutely inspiring and encouraging (the latter because you expressed similar ideas to my own about the writing/creative process, particularly concerning the creation of plot out of character(s)). I tend to believe that the essential ingredients for a novel are character, setting and theme (including conflict and development). I was, therefore, wondering whether you are planning any more master-classes and, if so, when and where?
    Matthew Downey
    PS: I notice that you live in Castle Douglas: I own a house in Kippford!

  3. Hi Robin
    I read your works published online about Syria and I liked your views. There has been so much lie about this, and to see an accurate view as yours makes me feel like I have found water in the middle of the dessert. As a correspondent, I have been in Syria myself and I could see the truth with my own eyes. Of course I have a political opinion, which is close to you. I am a member of a Socialist Publishing House. We even issued a book about Syria and we are preparing another one. Please check out the introduction of the book, the presentation we made at the national library of Argentina and the advancing of the second book (links listed below). I would like to establish a correspondence with you to exchange opinions, info and see what we can do. You can reach me in the publishing house email: rudolphklement@yahoo.com.ar
    Leandro Hofstadter

    Click to access ooi_siria_nuevamente.pdf

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