Welcome to PULSE, a collaborative political weblog featuring work by a variety of writers, activists and academics based in five continents. It is edited by Idrees Ahmad, Robin Yassin-Kassab and Danny Postel.

Contributors and feature writers include Charles Davis, Anas al Hawat, Huma DarTali ShapiroLudek Stavinoha. Distinguished contributors include Yassin al-Haj Saleh, Ilan Pappe, Ken Loach, and John Mearsheimer.

PULSE features original pieces combined with hand-picked audiovisual material and writing. All views and opinions in the articles on this site are those of the post author only and should not be attributed to individual editors unless otherwise indicated.

If you’d like to get in touch, email us at: editor@pulsemedia.org.



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13 thoughts on “About PULSE”

  1. Thank You very much!!!!!! for bringing life back.
    I can feel the “PULSE”.
    You have been inspirationally illuminating the empty spaces,when there is a serious dearth of even a modicum of truth & justice in mainstream media.
    Peace,light & love

  2. Dear Friends,
    What copyright licence are the texts on this blog. Copyleft, Creative Commons, copyrighted? I hope they can be republished for fair use. The texts appearing here have such an impact on political thinking and are that enlightening for the most of us European humanists, that I plead for the most wide spreading, via blogs.
    Kind Regards,
    Daniël Verhoeven danielverhoeven@deds.nl

  3. Hi!
    Is there any way to determine who the ‘unnamed contact’ was that informed the ‘British Diplomat in Paris’ or who the British Diplomat was? (regarding the raid on entebbe http://fanonite.org/?s=raid+on+entebbe). It is of vital mportance for me to know.
    I am very interested in this as my father was horribly caught up in Idi Amin’s web of terror. Venomous widow spiders construct a web and hang near the center waiting for prey to blunder in and get stuck. Then, before it is able to extricate itself, the spider rushes over to bite it and swathe it in a silken shroud. My father, Bob (Robert) Scanlon went MurderedOrMissing in Uganda in 1977 after becoming enmeshed in Amin’s web of horror. I believe he may have been involved in the raid on Entebbe.
    One needs to bear in mind that ‘The last King of Scotland’ was a novel, and the film was loosley based on the novel, it was never meant to be fact.
    Kind Regards from Cherie Scanlon

  4. Just a quick suggestion.

    Absolutely love the site, great content, but I think it needs a face lift, a lick of paint or two! Perhaps get in touch with a web designer and ask them to help out?

    These things make all the difference.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  5. Just found this site today. Great collection of writers, links and articles. This is the future of journalism, as the mainstream press – especially in the United States – can’t be relied upon anymore.

  6. This site has become a favourite of mine and my husband’s. I’m glad you’re planning on upgrading in the near future as at the moment, the content out does the lay out by quite some way.


  7. There is a reason why freedom of the press was written into the first amendment to the US Constitution, so welcome aboard to represent that freedom.

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