2 thoughts on “Anthony Lawson: BBC Bias on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla”

  1. Jane Corbin should resign over this dangerous and slanderous reporting. The audio tape re-played was admitted to be a fake by the IDF shortly after the massacre; she did not question the autopsy reports showing the assassination at close range of activists with multiple bullet wounds to the head; she omitted the smuggled video of the 19 year old Furkan being shot and kicked repeatedly while helpless on the ground; she failed to show the activists trying to fight back with slingshots as the helicopter was hovering over the ship and sounds of percussion grenades and live fire could be heard; her libel of IHH having terrorist connections has absolutely no foundation – the only country which labels IHH thus is Israel.. The denial of a humanitarian crisis in Gaza is inhumane and callous of her. One could go on with a synopsis of the numerous omissions and distortions in this programme and ultimately the question is what exactly is Jane Corbins’s agenda?

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