2 thoughts on “Turkish Foreign Policy: A Realist’s Assessment”

  1. a decent fellow, as are many of these “realists”. but their/our reality is what needs to be changed…

    being a “realist” at the time of slavery was the opposite of being a rebel who opposed slavery…

    realists like this are very critical of israel and american policy towards israel, not because it is murderous, immoral and unjust, but because it is costly and dangerous to american “realism”…

    and distrust of neighbors is part of that reality which makes it possible to murder, exploit or colonize those “neighbors”…

    screw this realism…it just continues the idiocy of demonizing individual leaders while glorifying their opponents, which is the way of our rulers and many of their followers, including some who claim to want a new reality, while adhering to the dictates of the old…

  2. ‘Turkish Foreign Policy: A Realist’s Assessment’? Yet no mention of the occupation of over one third Cyprus, i.e. sovereign territotory of an EU Member State?

    Is that because it would have been uncomfortable?

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