The Zionist Story

The Zionist Story, an independent film by Ronen Berelovich, is the story of ethnic cleansing, colonialism and apartheid to produce a demographically Jewish State.

Ronen successfully combines archival footage with commentary from himself and others such as Ilan Pappe, Terry Boullata, Alan Hart and Jeff Halper.

An excellent film, my one criticism is that there is little mention of the Zionist lobby; an additional interview with Walt or Meirsheimer would have been of value.

I have recently finished an independent documentary, The Zionist Story, in which I aim to present not just the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but also the core reason for it: the Zionist ideology, its goals (past and present) and its firm grip not only on Israeli society, but also, increasingly, on the perception of Middle East issues in Western democracies.

These concepts have already been demonstrated in the excellent ‘Ocupation 101’ documentary made by Abdallah Omeish and Sufyan Omeish, but in my documentary I approach the subject from the perspective of an Israeli, ex-reserve soldier and someone who has spent his entire life in the shadow of Zionism.

I hope you can find a moment to watch The Zionist Story and, if you like it, please feel free to share it with others. (As both the documentary and the archived footage used are for educational purposes only, the film can be freely distributed).

I have made this documentary entirely by myself, with virtually no budget, although doing my best to achieve high professional standard, and I hope that this ‘home-spun’ production will be of interest to viewers.

Ronen Berelovich studied in the Camera Obscura Film School in Tel Aviv, Israel. He made a string of short films (some featured in international film festivals) and his forty minutes drama, ‘Shesh-besh’, was chosen for public screening by ‘Cinemateque’, the leading art cinema in Tel Aviv. He also work as a recording technician in the High Court in Tel Aviv.

25 thoughts on “The Zionist Story”

  1. Thanks for this very interesting documentary movie. I agree that it fails to mention the Israel lobby and maybe some other criticisms (excessive emphasis in the Holocaust “guilt” issue, which is probably not that relevant in actual political decissions, except as propaganda tool for mass consumption) but anyhow very worth watching.

  2. Nesta Webster,the well-known conspiracy theorist of the early 20th century who included Churchill among her afficianados,described Illuminism(which she equated with Zionism)as a movement that:

    enlisted dupes as well as adepts,and by encouraging the dreams of honest visionaries or the schemes of fanatics,by flattering the vanity of ambitious egoists,by working on unbalanced brains,or by playing on such passions of greed and power,to make men of totally divergent aims serve the secret purpose of the sect.

    Were all the adepts,dupes,visionaries and egoists from history to stand up together in one room we might then be able to begin to account for the existence of the nuclear-armed and highly unstable Judaeo-Masonic state that now threatens not just the peace of the Middle East but that of the world.

    Today-with adepts and visionaries in short supply but unbalanced brains reigning in profusion in the ranks of the elite-would all the dupes who still bow before the Lobby please stand aside and let justice be done.


  3. Censored?

    The Zionist Story – part 1 0f 8

    You Tube

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    To watch this video or access this group, you must confirm that you are aged 18 or older by logging in or registering.

    Cette vidéo ou ce groupe a été signalé par la communauté des utilisateurs YouTube et peut donc comprendre des contenus pouvant offenser certains utilisateurs.

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  4. Yes, seems censored but only if you watch at YouTube and not if embedded. Part 2 and others seem available. This is the typical organized Zionist mass-crying until they get censorship going. It sucks and we should organize mass strikes against sites that yield to Zionist pressure, such as YouTube or Wikipedia.

    There are other video-hosting services, some apparently without any kind of censorship policy (or many probably without their Ziolobby section of “users” (bots, sockpuppets, etc.)). We should distribute in alternative sites instead of allowing single companies like YT/Google to monopolize popularly generated info, with the inherent risk of equally easy to implement Lobby-orchestrated censorship.

    My two cents anyhow.

  5. Zionism is the legitimate National Liberation movement of the Jewish people and it is supported historically by people like Winston Churchil and Harry Truman. Like many other movements it has its detractors, some are Jewish or even Israeli. Nevertheless, it has managed to bring the Jewish people from 4 corners of the world to its ancestral home in Zion and Jerusalem.

    1. Hello Darren;
      I have a question that maybe you can answer. You seem to be well informed about historical rights of people.
      What particular time in history is the reference to which one nation can claim a land? Can the American Indians
      for instance claim the entire north america as their ancestral land and legitimately do what Israel did and continues
      to do to Arabs?

      If you refer to any of the scripture you find test confirming that Moses liberated the Jews from the oppression of Pharaohs by moving them north to Palestine. The sons of Israel are said to have contested the plan fearing that the kind of Palestine my prosecute them too. Doesn’t that indicate that Palestine did exist as a nation before Jews moved to Palestine?

  6. “Zionism is the legitimate National Liberation movement of the Jewish people”…

    “Liberation” in foreign land?! You people are nothing but imperialist invaders and have zero legitimacy.

    Of course, white imperialist powers supported your racist genocidal colonial project but that gives as much legitimacy as saying that Queen Victoria supported the conquest of India or South Africa or that Hitler supported the conquest of Russia.

    “… its ancestral home in Zion and Jerusalem”.

    That is pure mythology! The TRUE DESCENDANTS of ancient Jews are the Palestinians (including the now diluted Palestinian Jews probably). Genetically modern (Ashkenazi and Sephardi) Jews are much closer to Lebanese and Cypriots and most likely as genuinely ‘Jewish’ in that historical sense you want to imply as Mohamed of Mecca or Constantine the Roman. Most likely the main ancestry of modern “Jews” is not Jewish but Phoenician or generically “Syrian” (not counting the admixture of later times, less important but also real).

    This idea was suggested (I only found out recently) by H.G. Wells in his “A short history of the World” (chapter XII):

    After the fall of Tyre, Sidon, Carthage and the Spanish Phoenician cities, the Phoenicians suddenly vanish from history; and as suddenly, we find not simply in Jerusalem but in Spain, Africa, Egypt, the East, wherever the Phoenicians had set their feet, communities of Jews.

    And you know what? The case is that modern Western Jews cluster almost perfectly with other descendants of Phoenicians such as Lebanese or Cypriots. But they do not cluster with Palestinians at all. Palestinians have their own unique distinctive cluster what also reveals them as not at all the “generic Arab immigrants” of Zionist historical revisionism (otherwise also baseless) but a unique people with local roots, without doubt the most direct descendants of the Jews of the Bible and their Southern Canaanite predecessors, maybe up to Pre-Pottery Neolithic A or even earlier.

    I know that your dark master Goebbels said that of repeat a lie a zillion times till it becomes true, but there are other contradictory and possibly wiser ideas such as “truth defends itself” (reality is damn stubborn) and “you cannot fool everybody forever”.

  7. Watch the full documentary here:

    I made this documentary available on Palestine Diary’s channel for educational and non-commercial use only and as the creator of the documentary mentioned please feel free to share it with others.

  8. Thank you for this thorough and thoughtful documentary. It truly shook me and flew in the face of my formal Jewish education as a child in South Africa. At this school it was never pointed out to me that bantustans were the places where 70% of the population had been corralled. They were just casually referred to as townships. Palestinians weren’t even mentioned when we learnt about the history of Israel. Zionism was synonymous with and inextricable from Judiasm as faith and culture. It is too frightening to be ironic that Zionism is helping to bolster anti-semitic views and affirm those horrible Nazi era myths of the Zionist conspiracies. I am surprised that you didn’t bring up Taglit/Birthright. I went on this trip last year and was told by the organizer who greeted us at Ben Gurion airport: “Why do we give you this gift? We could feed our poor or buy another tank for our army.” He went on to inform us that each trip cost $5000 per person and that in the last decade 250,000 Jews from the Diaspora had gone on Birthright. The Israeli tax payer incurs more than a third of this cost and it unabashedly encourages aliyah.

  9. Roben;
    I just saw the movie an hour ago and I don’t remember the last time that I was struck so deeply by a documentary. Amazing piece of work.
    I grew up in Iran under the anti-Israeli propaganda of the Islamic Government. Then I moved to west in 90’s and saw the total opposite propaganda. Never truly knew what the truth was until I saw your work.

    I admire your courage in coming clean with your conscious and doing what thousands of hours of biased program on each side can not achieve. Having seen the situation first hand, you told the story of this historical tragedy by such honesty that it’s hard to match.



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  11. Too many lies, misinterpretations and plain bad-mindedness in this video to even name. ‘Zionist’ is not, as the knee-jerks would have it, a pejorative or dirty word; it simply describes a person who believes the Jews ought to have a small piece of land as a historic homeland, where they can be safe from the persecution they’ve faced for so many years. Those who would deny this right are, I’ll say it, antisemites. The bullshit accusations of racism, apartheid and even genocide can all be easily disproven. For an example of an apartheid regime, try Hamas in Gaza or the Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia, whose countries are judenrein. For genocide, try the Turks who slaughtered countless thousands of Armenians, or Sudan, whose army and associated Arab militias murdered and raped black people wholesale in the past 10-15 years. Assad the Butcher of Damascus has murdered several times more of his own countrymen, women and children in the past 18 months than the number of Arabs, mostly gunmen and terrorists, that the Israeli military has…in the past 65 years. Why aren’t you making movies about that?

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