Fantasising Israel

Israels militarized liberalism
Israel's militarized liberalism

How can the supposed liberalism of Tel Aviv coexist with apartheid and occupation? In this excellent essay Yonatan Mendel considers the Israeli “fantasising project.” “It is the “positive, ‘normal’ and likeable characteristics of Tel Aviv,” Mendel argues, “that make it a paradigm of the moral and political blindness of Israeli society.”

At this very moment, long queues are probably forming outside Tel Aviv’s latest culinary thing: the yoghurterias. Even in the middle of the night you have to wait in line to get a cold and refreshing ice-cream yoghurt from the busy shop on Rothschild Boulevard. Springing up like mushrooms after the rain, the ice-cream parlours have allowed the ‘white city’ of Tel Aviv to experience the white revolution of the yoghurt. It is sweet and sour, made of natural ingredients, both healthy and tasty, with only 1.6 per cent fat, and topped with pieces of fresh fruit freshly cut up. Mangoes and pineapples, kiwis, strawberries, pomegranates, dates, melons and watermelons, red, yellow and green, are generously placed on top of the thick white yoghurt. A small cup of the local delicacy costs 18 shekels (about £3), a medium-size cup is 21 shekels, and a huge cup is 27 shekels. This is the best gastronomic response to the humidity that prevails in Israel’s ‘first Hebrew city’.

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3 thoughts on “Fantasising Israel”

  1. I have to applaud a most detailed look at the denial of Israel and it’s population that there DID exist a nation called Palestine and to which the Israeli Zionists would like to repave history away from the truth to make it in line with Zionist mentality! The writer has done an excellent job of research and in pointing out even those of us who are supporting the Palestinian cause do not know! I thank the writer for a most excellent job and for my further education on the “only democracy in the Middle East” who imprisons Palestinian “suspects” without a shred of evidence and the Israeli jails are full of thousands of “Palestinian subversive elements” as Israel calls it! If I had a choice to live in any Middle Eastern country I wanted, Israel would be my last choice, because I would be as well considered a second-class citizen because I am neither Jewish nor believe in the Zionist political policy!

  2. Any chance of the article being available in the near future freely, without requiring a subscription.

  3. Any chance of the article being available in the near future freely, without requiring a subscription?

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