The Only Democracy in the Middle East: 12.2.2010

Bil’in makes big waves, locally and worldwide, with their reenactment of Avatar, creatively edited by popular committee members into this short:

The war zone continues in Nebi Salah. Rubber bullets, gas rocket cannon, shock grenades and the skunk; It’s an exhibition of “dispersal ammunition”:

One thought on “The Only Democracy in the Middle East: 12.2.2010”

  1. Six years after first collection of Breaking the Silence testimonies, organization releases booklet of testimonies from female soldiers who served in territories. Stories include systematic humiliation of Palestinians, reckless and cruel violence, theft, killing of innocent people and cover-up. Here are only some of sites:,7340,L-3841480,00.html

    Links to the full report are struggling with access

    Click to access women2009eng.pdf

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