Iraq War reparations

You thought it won’t happen. You were wrong. Finally reparations for the suffering caused by the war are in order…by the Iraqis to the United States! Yes–you heard it right. The United States–which has killed over 2.4 million Iraqis since 1991 and displaced 5 million more–will be paid $400 million by the Iraqis in war reparations.

Abdul Bari Atwan seems to have a different idea:

2 thoughts on “Iraq War reparations”

  1. yes its iraq that should be paid..not the invader,…BUT thats what you get when you are succefully invaded…you get punked.
    How different it was after WW2!
    Pity the iraqis are so clueless as to be unable ot unwilling to address this issue, and to have no govt that can represent them, and a ‘world community’ that is solidly behind the aggressor: the US.

  2. This is the craziest thing I have EVER heard!
    What a crock! The USA should be paying out, shouldn’t it?? Hey, where’s Bin Laden BTW? And all that money that went “missing” thru KBR, and the US army..?
    Germany had to pay after WW1 for almost the same action. So Why, doesn’t the UN go after them for reparations? This is just illogical….

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