Nablus Limited

A soap factory and an olive oil business in Nablus deal with the harsh realities of the Israeli occupation and its impact on the economy.

Al Jazeera – Witness

Nablus has been the historic commercial hub of the West Bank, but in the years following the second intifada, its economy has floundered under the weight of tough Israeli controls and many businesses have been destroyed.

Although some economic growth was reported in the West Bank in 2009, the Israeli occupation continues to control the movement of people and goods, making real sustainable growth almost impossible.

Nablus Limited is the first film in the series The Business of Occupation and looks at a traditional soap factory and a modern international olive oil business and how both are trying to survive, let alone thrive.

In the context of illegal land seizures and on-going conflict with the Israeli military presence, they are trying to break into important international markets.

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