Showdown in Damascus

According to friends and contacts in Damascus, the clash between the Syrian resistance and the regime has intensified. The regime is using artillery and gunships, and, according to latest video reports, bombers too. The brave Razzan Ghazzawi, who is reporting from Damascus, has gone offline. The regime has cut electricity to the city and her batteries have died. Assad’s jets are bombing the oldest capital in the world. Simon Assaf gives this overview:

 Armed rebels took control over key neighbourhoods and are now surrounded. Yesterday regime troops failed to overrun these neighbourhoods and are attempting to put them under siege. But the fighting is now very mobile, and has spread to many areas of the city. Meanwhile every major front across the country is now in battle with orders to hit all regime positions and call for the surrender of troops. The FSA are attempting to cut off the reinforcements to the capital, and stretch regime forces.

Meanwhile, here is the story of survivors from the regime’s earlier assault on Homs.

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