Syria: Across the Lines | Dispatches | Channel 4

If the film is blocked in your region try here.

Syria: Across the Line, Channel 4 Dispatches:  Olly Lambert has spent weeks living deep inside Syrian territory – with both government and opposition supporters – to explore how the two-year-old conflict is tearing communities apart.

One thought on “Syria: Across the Lines | Dispatches | Channel 4”

  1. I suspect this is the same documentary as PBS Frontline

    Syria Behind the Lines
    An unprecedented film documents the new and perilous reality of everyday life for both Syria’s rebels and its regime.
    PBS – Frontline
    Filmed, Produced and Directed By Oily Lambert
    Narrated By Will Lyman
    April 09, 2013

    Not sure, because I live in Canada and your referenced video is not available for viewing here.


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