Al Jazeera: Robert Fisk on Gaza

Robert Fisk on Al Jazeera maintaining that the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 is central to the issue of justice and therefore peace in the region.  Could you imagine such frankness on the BBC?  They’d probably call it the disputed dispossession if they ever mentioned it.

Just as an example lets look at the main article, by Jeremy Bowen, in a section on the BBC website titled Israel at 60.  Discussing 1948, Bowen states:

The reasons why the refugees left their homes are still bitterly contested, by historians as well as by leaders and activists.

Bitterly contested?  Among academics there’s consensus, left wing Israeli historians, such as Ilan Pappe, saying the ethnic cleansing of Palestine happened and was a terrible crime and right wing Israeli historians, such as Benny Morris, saying the ethnic cleansing happened but it was a good thing, and furthermore it should remain an option for dealing with the “demographic problem”, of too many non-Jews, in the future.

The only people “bitterly contesting” why the refugees left Palestine are vulgar propagandists like Peres who Bowen reports as believeing “[Israel] bore no responsibility for the exodus of Palestinians.”  A laughable position, only worth airing for ridicule.

It is worth visiting this Media Lens article where Bowen is worried about imagined controversy again, this time over who broke the recent cease-fire in Gaza.  Jeremy thinks there’s a controversy despite Israel’s leading foot-in-his-mouth piece Mark Regev having already conceded it was Israel (ludicrously Regev labels the Israeli attack on Gaza, that broke the cease-fire, “defensive”, but of course everything Israel does is defensive isn’t it Mr Regev).

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