24 thoughts on “The Islamic University of Gaza”

  1. I’m sure there must have been rockets, WMDs or some thing in there. Israel doesn’t indiscriminately bomb non military sites do the? They said they didn’t and here is the U.S.(another occupied territory) our “press” tells us the same thing. Same with UN food stores or UNschools. Must have been an accident.



  3. I’ve learned now that Terrorism just means “fighting for your homes against the imperials”

    I watched Star Wars. I know who’s side I’m on.

    The Rebel Alliance.

  4. I’ve also learned that real terrorism is made by the strong and faked by the strong to blame the ones you wish to conquer.

  5. Israel’s goal was to destroy the infrastructure of Gaza. It’s clear to anyone with a functioning brain.

  6. Obviously, the problem is all that worthless hand-me-down stuff they get from the US. Must be faulty equipment. Look at the track record. They keep trying to kill “terrorists” and it keeps hitting schools, mosques, hospitals, UN buildings, small children. Clearly, the equipment is to blame — otherwise, one could never explain 1) why it happens ALL the time, 2) why a group of ragged, starving “terrorists” can kick the butts of the 3rd strongest military in the world and 3) the US has the same problem in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Clearly the answer is for Israel to IMMEDIATELY send back all defective product, refuse further equipment from the US, refuse all aid from the US (don’t want to be pressured into using that money to buy any defective US equipment). I firmly believe that if Israel bought its OWN weapons with its OWN money, the problem would be solved.

    Such an easy solution … wonder why Obama doesn’t push that one. He could go down in history as the man who solved the middle east crisis.

  7. Shame on Israel… Ethnic Cleaning – Gaza Holocaust.

    Rearrange “ISRAEL” and you get LIARS!

    ISRAEL = LIARS – missing “e”
    ISRAEL = LIES – missing “r,a”

    Put “E,R,A” together. You get ERA.

    ERA of LIES from ISRAEL.

  8. Everyone saw what happened, the days of the U.S. and Israel doing whatever they want in the world is OVER. Soon, the world will react to the obvious GENOCIDE in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere around the globe.

  9. Zionism was implanted into the Holy Land Palestine in 1948 to create terror suffering chaos and destruction
    to the entire area in order to expel the indigenous from their homeland and create a Western Zionist State without G*d. The latest murders and genocide of innocent Men Woman and Children in Gaza by the Zionists is proof that they have no respect for anyone. They are greedy monsters without feelings and are servants of Satan.

  10. I’m generally not a fan of Israel but you have to admit the weapons labs at the Islamic University were a stupid provocation by the right-wing Hamas fundamentalists. We know very well that universities around the world are tied intimately with the military-industrial complex of their countries. So too was the Islamic University with its science professors developing new glass and nail concoctions to lace the Hamas rockets with to fire on Israeli kids at schools in Sderot and Beersheba. Also, they were perfecting the Grad missiles obtained from china to lengthen their trajectories deep inside Israel. and you know, many of the Hamas rockets demolished the homes of Palestinian citizens of Israel, so I am appalled at the hullabaloo now being artifially manufacture about Israel’s defensive response.

  11. I am not sure who this Deborah Maccoby is, but it is definitely not me! I do not agree with this comment about “Israel’s defensive response” at all! Operation Cast Lead was a brutal attack on a defenseless population. If Israel had really wanted to stop the rockets, all it had to do was to observe the terms of the ceasefire – refrain from provocative breaking of the ceasefire (whoch was what Israel did on November 4th 2008) and lift the blockade.

    Deborah Maccoby (member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians and on the board of ICAHD UK (the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions UK)

  12. I am certainly no supporter of Israel…definitely NOT. I have no time for America’s total blind support of Israel. However, Islamic Fundamentalism and Hamas’s totally uncompromising attitude also worry me. A more compromising and less belligerant Islamic attitude, could lead to world sympathy and more pressure on Israel to close its settlements in the West Bank and reach a compromise peace deal. Jerusalem ? Both side will NEVER agree. So divide it between them. If no compromise is reached, the war will go on forever, with thousands dying for NOTHING.

  13. Let’s have a reality check. I am Deborah Maccoby, a loving supporter of Israel from my earliest youth. While I am mainly in agreement with Deborah no. 1 above, I do not care for her off-hand remark “I’m generally not a fan of Israel.” To which I say: Are you generally a fan of Hamastan in Gaza or, for that matter, Fatahland in Judea and Samaria? Please… give me a break!

    As for Deborah no.2 above, she agrees the Islamic University in Gaza was used as a battle station and arms factory but has the audacity to condemn Israel’s defensive response. She turns events on their head by claiming the Palestinians in Gaza are a “defenseless population” but then goes on, without skipping a beat, to reveal they were firing rockets. Pray tell, Debbie dearest, whence cometh rockets into the hands of a “defenseless population?”

    All moderate Muslims have condemned the deliberate provocation by Hamas in breaking the June ceasefire and engaging Israel in a non-winnable war at the expense of the long-suffering non-Hamas Palestinian population.

    Deborah Maccoby (loyal daughter of the great Judaic and Zionist scholar Prof. Hayyim Maccoby, may his memory be blessed, and proud descendent of a long line of rabbis who underwent martyrdom over the centuries from their Russian ghettos to realize their dream of wresting the Holy Land from its Turkish occupiers and restoring Jewish sovereignty in their restored country).

  14. Re this “long line of rabbis who underwent martyrdom over the centuries from their Russian ghettos to realise their dream of wresting the Holy Land from its Turkish occupiers and restoring Jewish sovereignty in their restored country”, I would like to point out that my great-grandfather, Chaim Zundel Maccoby, known as the Kamenitzer Maggid, was – despite being a religious Zionist – passionately opposed to Herzl’s dream of a Jewish State, since he believed, like most Orthodox Jews at that time, that a Jewish state could only be established by the Messiah. See this article in the Jewish Chronicle by Colin Shindler about British Jewish opposition to Herzl:


    “The Kamenitzer Maggid, a brilliant speaker for the Federation of Synagogues,
    regarded Herzl as a second Shabtai Zevi, the false messiah of the 17th century.”

    Deborah Maccoby (the real one!)

  15. I have to agree with Scarlett’s comment.I wondered if IDF would attack Gaza without ALL US military and financial help.I don’t support terrorist or fundamentalists acts, but it’s no less ridiculous when terrorist attacks against Israel happens and their Government claims it was “a genocide”,however when the palestinian populations who nothing have to do with Hamas, Fatah or any other association suffer and die from Israeli Air Force bombing, they say it’s just ” counter-strike to terrorism”.

    Proverbs 24:24 :

    “He that saith unto the wicked, Thou art righteous; him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him.”

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