Edinburgh University Student Occupation

Edinburgh University students have occupied the George Square Lecture Theatre.  This is the 19th occupation (3rd in Scotland) in what has been described as a reawakening of the spirit of ’68. (Edinburgh Blog / Facebook).

Around 30 students of Edinburgh Unviersity are currently peacefully occupying George Square Lecture Theatre in protest at Israel’s actions in Gaza, and to encourage the University to accept a list of demands which were put to them in the form of a petition this morning. The petition has been signed by more than 300 students at Edinburgh University.

The demands are as follows:

  • That the university suspend all relations with companies enabling the conflict and/or occupation, including Eden Springs (contingent on access to information to establish which other companies are implicated)
  • That the university divest from BAE Systems, MBDA, QinetiQ, Rolls Royce and all other “arms and defence” manufacturers whose products are proven to be in use by the Israeli military
  • That the university make scholarships available to students trapped in Gaza, unable to study for university qualifications because of restrictions on them and their institutions, in violation of international human rights law
  • That the university collect and ship donations of unused property to war-damaged Gazan schools and hospitals (e.g. text-books, chairs, computers)
  • That the university provide logistical and financial support for a series of informative lectures on the Palestine/Israel question
  • We also request that no legal, financial or academic measures be taken against those participating in, or supporting, a peaceful sit-in to ensure our calls are answered.

As members of this university we feel these are measured and necessary steps to show our opposition to Israel’s catastrophic use of force against, and continued blockading of, innocent Palestinians in Gaza.

Students turning up to join the sit-in are now not being allowed in by University security staff, and those who leave are not allowed back in.

The following message has been sent around by the students inside:

‘Action! At least 30 students have occupie George Square Lecture Theatre. We are creating an informative creative space inside and have given our demands to the principal. We are currently locked in. Spread the word, and come show solidarity!’

8 thoughts on “Edinburgh University Student Occupation”

  1. Hey thanks for the support but unfortunately the security guys are only letting matriculated Edinburgh students in. However their will be a protest later on this evening when the SPSC guys finish work. Will post a time when I find know.

  2. Hello, thanks for your support! At the moment they are only letting matriculated students in and out but there will be a demo outside at 5.30 for people who support us, organized by Scottish PSC. Please do come down and support us if you can, thanks!

  3. Edinburgh is not proud of you, you are taking action that disrupts education. No matter what you say about how you would allow people to have their lectures you are disrupting the conduct of lectures. And if you demand boycotting Israel stop using computers, Intel, Amd, Microsoft and most major hardware and software houses have R&D centres in Israel. You are hypocrits and should stop this action straight away.

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