Empire – Israel and the US

You won’t see anything like this on the BBC. The Al Jazeera show Empire on the US relationship with Israel.  Interviewees include Stephen Walt, Jim Lobe, Avi Shlaim, Ilan Pappe, Anatol Lieven, Stephen Walt and Aaron David Miller. There is a hard hitting segment on AIPAC towards the end of the Part 1. However, despite the excellent contributions from interviewees, especially Lobe, Shlaim, Lieven and Stephen Walt, the host keeps imposing the tired old Leftist view of Israel as a ‘strategic asset’ to the US on the narrative. The program could have also done without the Egyptian idiot in the second part of the show.

In this episode of Empire, Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst, and his guests zero in on the special relationship between the US and Israel.

They explore who benefits from the special relationship and whether the status quo will prevail.

4 thoughts on “Empire – Israel and the US”

  1. The “unsinkable aircraft carrier” narrative is entirely bogus. From 1967 forward the U.S. always had a plethora of military bases throughout the Middle East in locations such as Turkey (an actual NATO ally), Djibouti (a strategic Red sea location), and Qatar in the Persian Gulf. By contrast Israel has never hosted a U.S. air base.

    The program goes on to prattle other absurdities about U.S. regional hegemony which an honest appraisal would only conclude has been harmed not furthered by the Zionist orrientation of U.S. policy.

    These are typical Chomskyesque subterfuges designed to re-assign blame for the racist colonial project away from the Jewish supremacists.

  2. I agree. I think the host was trying to impose his own defective analysis on the panel. Despite Walt and Lieven’s sensible analysis, he would keep returning to the same Israel as a ‘strategic asset’ nonsense.

  3. Funny these zionist beleave what they will they are surly going to be as surprised as Obama’s america.
    As from one end to the other will reap what they have sown for so long. Just as Roman empire fell so shall the american and zionist in a blood bath that will color the oceans blood red with the blood of the 18 million genocidal maniacs that believe they have a duty to steal and murder where ever they go. The world will be back to the 17th century in one swoop of the sword.

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