anti-zionism and good manners

Anyone who doubts that liberal intellectuals have a habit of conflating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism should read a bizarre and rather pitiful column in the New Statesman this week.  The author is a London based Jewish-American journalist called Rhoda Koenig.  Koenig’s piece seems to be intended as an exposé of an alleged undercurrent of anti-Semitism amongst the British upper middle classes.  However, whilst the article does make mention of an anti-Semitic comment, in the main it focuses on the betrayal felt by the author when one of her friends casually agreed ‘that Israel is becoming very unpleasant’ and then had the nerve to suggest visiting Syria.  Koenig describes how her ‘heart sank deeper and deeper, [as] he enthusiastically described the archaeological treasures, the history, the romance.’ 

Its a silly article and I think only worth mentioning because the New Statesman apparently considered it worth publishing.

2 thoughts on “anti-zionism and good manners”

  1. Geoffrey Robinson,friend to Levy’s Kosher Nostra LFI brigade sold half The Staggers to Michael Danson last year because it could’t turn a profit.Sales were down to 23,000 weekly.

    Reading this heap of crap from Rhoda Koenig one can see how The Staggers got its nickname.

  2. Might we suggest that before Ms Koenig ends up friendless in a Tel Aviv gutter she move to Golders Green where she can throw interminable dinner parties with guests like Julia Neuberger,Rabbi Blum,Maureen Lipman and Melanie Philipps.

    A Jewish supremacist supper party where Holocaust fundamentalism is enforced by fiat and Gentiles unwilling to pay obeissance to the Talmudic notion of the Chosen People and their barbarous Masonic state wouldn’t hold much attraction for the majority of peace-loving humanity but it’s better than that friendless gutter in Tel Aviv!

    Koenig needs to make a decision on this one soon-I’m off to Damascus tomorrow and need to know where to send my postcard!

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