Galloway faces the ‘Jewish Defence League’

George Galloway on Channel 4 News (UK) facing the national director of the ‘Jewish Defence League’ (JDL) of Canada, Meir Weinstein, on Galloway’s banning from Canada.

Looking at the JDL Canada website we find the group was established “in the late 1960s to confront and fight anti-Semitism.”  One might wonder why they are interested in blocking Galloway from entering Canada; the story was originally that he was banned for his views on Canada’s military presence in Afghanistan.  Perhaps it is their first principle, ‘Ahavat Yisroel’, Love of Israel, and Galloway’s recent aid convoy to Gaza that is the real problem.  I was surprised to see Weinstein on Channel Four, as he considers helping the starving people of Gaza a crime, you’d expect to see him on the BBC.

Also worth noting is that the JDL was described as a violent extremist Jewish organization in an FBI 2000/2001 Terrorism report.

One thought on “Galloway faces the ‘Jewish Defence League’”

  1. It seems likely that with a record of anti-Zionism like George had he been a prospective visitor to Britain from abroad he would have been denied entry by Jackboot Jackie Smith.

    LFI spokespersons like Greville Janner,lying lickspittles like Denis Macshane (aka Bronstein) would be denouncing George as a threat to national security as we speak.

    The government is currently yet again attempting to stiffen public support for its failing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and British streets are now bursting to the seams with Welcome Home fanfares for our boys.

    So had George been a Canadian political representative it is likely he would have got his marching orders.

    Interestingly one Michael Ignatieff is poised to become the next Rothschild/Zionist Prime Minister in Canada.He has ascribed the Galloway ban to mysterious security briefings re-George being a security threat.

    Ignatieff had a distinguished career in this country as a propagandist for Blair and the attacks on Yugoslavia and Iraq.He wrote a revealing biography of Isiah Berlin which actually contained confessional elements on his own part that probably went unnoticed.

    Berlin was an eminent Jewish academic who wrote a biography of Karl Marx.A product of All Souls a key recruiting centre for the Round Table Group,Berlin naturally fell in with this highly influential elite political group though these details are not vouchsafed by Ignatieff.

    The biography simply points out that Berlin was a BBC regular whose speeches were regularly broadcast and that he was sent by the Anglo-US elite to work in Washington during WW2 “reporting back to London on US politics and public opinion while,in semi-clandestine,near double-agent fashion,advancing the cause of Zionism.”

    Now this career trajectory bears more than passing resemblance to Ignatieff himself who like Berlin managed to ingratiate himself rather quickly with the rich and powerful in Britain.

    Both Ignatieff and Berlin’s careers are illustrative of the way the Zionist lobby has insinuated itself deeply into the Anglo-US,and now,the Canadian establishment.

    By contrast Greg Felton cannot get a publisher for his book The Host and the Parasite which fingers the Lobby’s hijacking of Washington in some detail.

    It seems easy to forget that our culture here has been steeped in Zionist propaganda for decades and Canada is just now catching up.

    Maybe if Ignatieff makes it to the Canada
    premiership he’ll fill us in on the mysterious security briefs he’s mentioned re-Galloway.

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