The Rise of the Machine

Could this be the machine?

An article in yesterday’s Financial Times reported some interesting (if characteristically deluded) perspectives from the Israeli right in its closing paragraphs.  International condemnation of Israel’s latest atrocities has apparently been blamed on the ‘Palestinian PR Machine’.  At first I thought this ‘machine’ was as subtle and obscure as other figments of the neocon/Likudnik imagination.   However, readers should be aware that according to a security source of mine it is indeed as powerful and frightful as these bizarre statements suggest and furthermore it can be launched within 45 minutes.  Its existence is also confirmed by Emanuele Ottolenghi of St Antony’s College, Oxford (oh yes and the American Jewish Committee’s Transatlantic Institute).

So it’s no laughing matter.  In fact it’s so powerful that it requires an even greater propaganda assault than Israel has already launched (in retaliation naturally).   According to the Financial Times:

To counter these forces and repair Israel’s standing, one rightwing commentator this week went so far as to call for an Israeli ministry for PR. Adi Mintz said the ministry should be fitted out with “many dozens of video teams, editors and producers that would generate materials and immediately distribute them to all media outlets”. Israel’s message, he added, should be heard not just in America, but also “on television screens in Romania and China”.

3 thoughts on “The Rise of the Machine”

  1. Israel already has a PR machine in place. It’s called the United States of Israel. We have all the “media experts” right here doing their bidding

  2. Question: Why hasn’t Israel asked to become formally part of the Union?
    Answer: Because then they would only have 2 senators.

  3. If there is a Palestinian PR machine the wheels must have fallen off it a long time ago.

    By contrast the Transatlantic Institute is a cesspit brimful of Illuminati and Zionists.The key mover in this circle is not Ottolenghi infamous as he is as a propagandist at AEI,IDI,and LFI.

    It is Xavier Solana.For like Ottolenghi,Solana is a Rosicrucian/Rothschild Illuminati pawn in Europe.The former High Representative for the EU,its Foreign Secretary and tsar of the European military.

    Sadly Palestinian PR is not the same league as the powerful Trilaterals and Bilderbergers pulling Solana’s strings.

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