Zionist thugs vandalize bookstore in Paris

Diana Johnstone, the great leftist writer living in Paris, describes a zionist thug (either Betar or LDJ) attack on Librairie Resistances. Books and computer equipment were destroyed. It is not the first time this happens.

The nazis used to burn books…

See also attached video.

Librairie Resistances - scene of the damage; books doused with oil

Zionist Fanatics Practice Serial Vandalism in Paris
Thousands of books drenched in cooking oil – that is the latest exploit of the Zionist fanatics who regularly attack property and people in Paris and get away with it.

In the early afternoon of Friday, July 3, five men, mostly masked, stormed into the “Resistances” bookstore located in a quiet residential neighborhood of the 17th arrondissement in northwest Paris. To the startled women working in the shop, as well as two customers, they announcing that they were from the Jewish Defense League and began ripping books off shelves and tables, dousing them heavily with cooking oil, and then smashing four computers before leaving rapidly in a waiting vehicle.

The bookstore is owned and operated by Olivia Zemor and Nicolas Shashahani, who are also the leaders of the very active militant group CAPJPO-EuroPalestine (CAPJPO stands for Coordination des Appels pour une Paix Juste au Proche Orient). In addition to a wide collection of books on the Middle East and other subjects, including fiction, the bookstore has a reading room and a lending library, gives courses in English and Arabic, and possesses a modest but well-attended auditorium where authors are invited to speak.

Librairie Resistances - Paris

Two and a half years ago, on December 7, 2006, a similar attack squad threw teargas grenades into the bookstore as a crowd was gathering to listen to the late Israeli author Tanya Reinhart and her companion, the Israeli poet Aharon Shabtai. On that occasion, Shashahani had to be treated for effects from the teargas but material damage was slight. This time, the entire shop is a shambles, with countless ruined books, and damage runs to tens of thousands of euros, according to Shashahani.

The rest of the article can be read here

Video: Librairie Résistances agressée from chris den hond. (NB: Video in French)

5 thoughts on “Zionist thugs vandalize bookstore in Paris”

  1. I wonder just how long Diana Johnstone has lived in Paris if she thinks an attack on a bookstore there by a Zionist militia is an unusual occurrence.

    In fact the Israeli government and Mossad-linked JDL and Betar militia groups have waged a long war over decades against not just bookstores carrying revisionist titles but also against researchers and staff of the main revisionist IHR study group.

    In a country where all private paramilitary groups-bar the Jewish ones naturellement-are outlawed-there has been open season on revisionist researchers and bookstores for years.

    Johnstone implies that the legal climate in Sarkozy’s France allows JDL and Betar to operate pretty much with impunity but this has in fact been the case for decades now.

    During 1976-91 in France there were 50 attacks including a car-bomb in 1978 that killed revisionist researcher,Francois Duprat.In 1989,Europe’s most prominent revisionist,IHR’s Dr Robert Faurisson suffered a near fatal attack in Vichy.While in the following year revisionist Oliver Matthieu was set upon by JDL thugs during a TV interview.

    Certainly the latest attack takes place in the context of a France which like Germany and Austria has recently introduced thought control laws enforceable against anyone who dares challenge the sacrosanct place ascribed to the Jewish Holocaust.

    Thus Thomas Reynouard was sentenced to one year in 2007 for having written a 16 page pamphlet entitled: “Holocaust? The Hidden Facts”.Yes,Reynouard no doubt came to rue his use of that fatal punctuation mark after the “H” word! The sentence was celebrated by all in the vast network of CRIF Zionist groups across France happy that the country now criminalizes all who dare question the Holocaust.

    In January 2008 the French attorney for high-profile revisionist,Ernst Zundel,Sylvia Stolz received 3 years jail and was disbarred for 5 years for over zealous defence of her client during his recent court case in Germany.

    Robert Faurisson is currently being prosecuted by the French government for his participation in the recent revisionist conference in Teheran.

    There’s no mention of any of these cases or the long JDL war against Holocaust truthseekers in Johnstone’s article.A sure sign that the Counterpunch liberal left are as timorous in the face of the Holocaust fundamentalist witch-hunt as they are on 9/11.

    The awesome power of the Jewish Lobby in France put Kouchner and Sarkozy where they are today.You won’t read about it in the left-gatekeeper press but Sarkozy is a Sabbatean with CIA links.JDL and Betar are linked to the Sabbatean statelet and its Mossad security elite.

    Paradoxically France and Israel’s real enemy is this Illuminati/Sabbatean terror control network
    who just happen to be their so-called friends and representatives.

    The paradox escapes the gatekeepers of the liberal left but not the revisionist researchers nearing the end of their journeys of discovery into what really happened during the Sabbatean cull known as the “Holocaust”.

    The word means sacrifice and it is a fact that representatives of Reform Judaism in Britain,the US and Palestine decided that it would be the benighted Ostjuden,recent migrants to Western Europe,and non-Zionist Jews generally who would be disowned and sacrificed during WW2.

    It is evidence of this truth that the JDL and Betar militias and their controllers will kill to destroy.Their controlling influence in Europe and the Western “democracies” pressures governments into enacting laws that promote the Holocaust fundamentalism that would legislate their false version of history as the only one permissible.

    Left gatekeeper commentators like Johnstone would be more gainfully employed in exposing this cultural gagging and mind control enterprise and reporting Zionist violence in its full context than moaning piously about book-burning.

    Oh,and who was the last liberal-left commentator to speak out against book-burning?

    Well,to his credit it was Counterpunch’s very own Alexander Cockburn!When in 1984 the IHR office and warehouse at Torrance,Ca. containing the largest revisionist archive in the world was incinerated Cockburn had temerity enough to suggest that the corporate media had by and large failed to report the outrage.

    Now that is tantamount to ascribing some respectability-even dare I say-some common humanity
    to the truth-seeking revisionist cause.

    That is sadly not something Diana Johnstone will be brave enough to do anytime soon.After all in mitigation she could always remind us that Paris has been an Illuminati capital since the July 1830 Revolution there in 1830!

    For the history of JDL’s long war against revisionists,in particular the IHR,go to:


    By the way the 1984 attack is the explanation for the fact that IHR exists now only as a website.

    1. Freeborn suggests that the zio-thugs were after holocaust denial books… and that the bookstore in question peddled this type of material. As a matter of fact most of the books that were vandalized were books on the history of Palestine-Israel section and books the zionist lobbies. About the other parts of Freeman’s comment… it is drivel-saturated.

  2. Paul de Rooij

    “Holocaust denial” is a reflex term of opprobrium-we know where you’re coming from.

    The phrase most apt for IHR and revisionists generally is Holocaust Truthseekers.

    As for your “drivel saturation” problem-that must come from reading those “great Leftist” writers you eulogize about who are too squeamish to confront the Holocaust and 9/11 fundamentalists in our midst.

  3. Mr. de Rooij,
    The word holocaust means death by fire or burnt offering. The phrase “The Holocaust” was created by jewish organizations to describe jewish deaths in labor camps-to give their deaths special importance above and beyond the deaths of 20 million Russians or 5 million Ukranians or 30-60 million Chinese or any other mass murder throughout history. When someone uses this term “holocaust denial”, they are playing right into the hands of Jewish organizations.

    When the researchers of WW2 deaths in labor camps were physically attacked, did the left in Europe come to their defense? Why not? Those researchers like Robert Faurisson have been invovled in uncovering facts about history(including the lies about shrunken heads, soap and lampshades from human beings, and the 4 million dead at auschwitz- officially changed to 1.5 million in 1990). Those same jewish groups now don’t like facts about Palestinians being written. Now the pro-Palestinian French know how it feels to be attacked by jewish groups for unpopular views.(

  4. “the nazis used to burn books”

    What do the German people have to do with this? Are the German National Socialists supposed to be the ultimate evil that every bad act now has to be compared with? That is the idea of jewish groups that you are now repeating-if German National Socialists were the ultimate evil, then that makes Jews the ultimate victims.
    A December 7, 2008 post on the website of Philip Weiss called “An Argument for How the Nazi Analogy May Actually Build Sympathy for Israel” is good reading. The poster Rowan Berkeley writes this: “The idea that Nazi Germany constitutes a paradigm or Ideal Type of Evil underlies the effort behind these rhetorical analogies, whichever side the purport to be on. It is however necessary to de-throne the Nazi regime from this Ideal Type status, and indeed to avoid Ideal Types altogether, since they have no basis in reality and only serve as a focus of conceptual idolatry.”

    The attack on this bookstore was done by Jewish groups, period. Germans had nothing to do with this.

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