John Mearsheimer on Israel National Radio

John Mearsheimer
John Mearsheimer

John Mearsheimer, during his 2008 visit to Israel, interviewed on Arutz Sheva‘s Israel National Radio show.

John does a great job arguing for his positions yet his extremist pro-settlement hosts seem determined to paint him as an anti-Semite. All Mearsheimer really argues is that he wants it to be possible to criticise Israel’s bad policies in the United States – it’s difficult to see why any sensible person could have a problem with this.

Toward the end, after they’ve ditched John, they even claim the next Holocaust will be in America and that it’s being brought about by a new sophisticated anti-Semitism, contained in Mearsheimers & Walt’s book The Israel Lobby, and this new anti-Semitism is the “most dangerous thing on the market today.”

Mearsheimer on Israel National Radio (48:31) | MP3

Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel are reserve soldiers in a combat unit the Israel Defense Forces. Together they direct Ohr Olam – The Center for Biblical Zionism and host the TV show Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem. Ari & Jeremy host the A Light Unto the Nations podcast live every Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.

3 thoughts on “John Mearsheimer on Israel National Radio”

  1. So. Anything that is objected to by extremist right-wing xenophobic Pro-Israeli Jews, as exemplified by Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel, is now called ”sophisticated anti-semitism.“ Americans are going to tell them to take a hike. Our support for Israel in the USA is a mile wide and an inch deep. These guys help illuminate that.

    Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel are lying about the history. There are UN and newspaper documents that prove these two guys to be absolute liars no matter how breathlessly they present what they know. And they are massively undereducated — the Palins of the Middle East — stupid enough to quote CAMERA (a highly questionable Mossad after-operation translation service) and do not insist on accurate translations, nor do they care much that they do. So much for Jewish IQs. No wonder they’re looking for DNA that proves they’re smart, according to Shlomo Sand.

    You ridiculous people bring this on yourselves.

    Listen to this bullshit. Educate yourselves.

  2. Sophisticated anti-semitism, as described by these two, seems to be criticism of Israel where there’s no proof of anti-Semitism. That’s what’s so sophisticated about it. You have to have an elaborate system of self-delusion and paranoia to see it.

  3. Dave-“anti-semitism…seems to be criticism of Israel where there’s not proof of anti-Semitism.”

    Dave, any criticism of Israel jews will say is anti-semitism . Any criticism of jewish political theories jews define as antisemitism. Any criticism of jewish politicians is called anti-semitism by jews. Anyone who will not be submissive to jewish ideology or jewish groups or jewish politicians will be labeled anti-semitic by jewish people.

    The word “anti-semitism” is a word that is used to enable jewish domination of a culture. Anyone who rejects jewish domination of their culture will be called an “anti-semite”.
    Imagine the English colonial government in India labeling anyone who opposes the British control of India as anti-English. Would the Indians constantly try to prove they were not anti-English, but anti colonial? No because the British government had already defined what the word anti-English would mean -opposing British colonial domination. So any Indian who opposed British colonial domination would be labeled anti-English. The Indians who wanted freedom for their country wouldn’t care about that label. And people who want freedom for their own culture shouldn’t care about the label “anti-semitism”.

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