An Abnormal Nationalism

The ultimate goalis, in time, to take over the Land of Israel and to restore to the Jews the political independence they have been deprived of for these two thousand years…The Jews will yet arise and, arms in hand (if need be), declare that they are the masters of their ancient homeland.”—Vladimir Dubnow, 1882

Zionism is best described as an abnormal nationalism. This singular fact has engendered a history of deepening conflicts between Israel – leading an alliance of Western states – and the Islamicate more generally.

Jewish ‘nationalism’ was abnormal for two reasons. It was homeless: it did not possess a homeland. The Jews of Europe were not a majority in, or even exercised control over, any territory that could become the basis of a Jewish state. We do not know of another nationalist movement in recent memory that started with such a land deficit – that is, without a homeland.

Arguably, Jewish nationalism was without a nation too. The Jews were a religious aggregate, consisting of communities, scattered across many regions and countries, some only tenuously connected to others, but who shared the religious traditions derived from, or an identity connected to, Judaism. Over the centuries, Jews had been taught that a divinely appointed Messiah would restore them to Zion; but such a Messiah never appeared; or when he did, his failure to deliver ‘proved’ that he was false. Indeed, while the Jews prayed for the appearance of the Messiah, they had no notion about when this might happen. In addition, since the nineteenth century, Reform Jews have interpreted their chosenness metaphorically. Max Nordau complained bitterly that for the Reform Jew, “the word Zion had just as little meaning as the word dispersion…He denies that there is a Jewish people and that he is a member of it.”

Since Zionism was a nationalism without a homeland or a nation, its protagonists would have to create both. To compensate for the first deficit, the Zionists would have to acquire a homeland: they would have to expropriate territory that belonged to another people. In other words, a homeless nationalism, of necessity, is a charter for conquest and – if it is exclusionary – for ethnic cleansing. At the same time, the Zionists would have to start creating a Jewish nation out of the heterogeneous Jewish colons they would assemble in their newly minted homeland. At the least, they would have to create a nucleus of Jews who were willing to settle in Palestine and committed to creating the infrastructure of a Jewish society and state in Palestine. For many years, this nucleus would be small, since, Jews, overwhelmingly, preferred assimilation and revolution in Europe to colonizing Palestine.

A Jewish nation would begin to grow around this small nucleus only if the Zionists could demonstrate that their scheme was not a chimera. The passage of the Zionist plan – from chimera to reality – would be delivered by three events: imposition of tight immigration restrictions in most Western countries starting in the 1900s, the Balfour Declaration of 1917, and the rise to power of the Nazis in 1933. As a result, when European Jews began fleeing Nazi persecution, most of them had nowhere to go to but Palestine.

In their bid to create a Jewish state in Palestine, the Zionists could not stop at half-measures. They could not – and did not wish to – introduce Jews as only one element in the demography of the conquered territory. The Zionists sought to establish a Jewish state in Palestine; this had always been their goal. Officially, they never acknowledge that the creation of a Jewish state would have to be preceded, accompanied, or followed by ethnic cleansing. Nevertheless, it is clear from the record now available that Zionists wanted nothing less than to make Palestine “as Jewish as England is English.” If the Palestinians could not be bribed to leave, they would have to be forced out.

The Zionists were determined to reenact in the middle of the twentieth century the exclusive settler colonialism of an earlier epoch. They were determined to repeat the supremacist history of the white colons in the Americas and Oceania. By the measure of any historical epoch, much less that of an age of decolonization, the Zionist project was radical in the fate it had planned for the Palestinians: their complete or near-complete displacement from Palestine. A project so daring, so radical, so anachronistic could only emerge from unlimited hubris, deep racial contempt for the Palestinians, and a conviction that the ‘primitive’ Palestinians would prove to be utterly lacking in the capacity to resist their own dispossession.

The Zionists faced another challenge. They had to convince Jews that they are a nation, a Jewish nation, who deserved more than any nation in the world – because of the much greater antiquity of Jews – to have their own state, a Jewish state in Palestine. It was the duty of Jews, therefore, to work for the creation of this Jewish state by supporting the Zionists, and, most importantly, by emigrating to Palestine. Most Jews in the developed Western countries had little interest in becoming Jewish pioneers in Palestine; their lives had improved greatly in the previous two or three generations and they did not anticipate any serious threats from anti-Semitism. The Jews in Eastern Europe did face serious threats to their lives and property from anti-Semites, but they too greatly preferred moving to safer and more prosperous countries in Western Europe, the Americas, South Africa, and Australia. Persuading Jews to move to Palestine was proving to be a far more difficult task than opening up Palestine to unlimited Jewish colonization. Zionism needed a stronger boost from anti-Semites than they had provided until the early 1930s.

The Zionists always understood that their movement would have to be driven by Jewish fears of anti-Semitism. They were also quite sanguine that there would be no paucity of such assistance, especially from anti-Semites in Eastern Europe. Indeed, now that the Zionists had announced a political program to rid Europe of its Jews, would the anti-Semites retreat just when some Jews were implicitly asking for their assistance in their own evacuation from Europe? This was a match made in heaven for the anti-Semites. Once the Zionists had also brought the anti-Semites in messianic camouflage – the Christian Zionists – on board, this alliance became more broad-based and more enduring. Together, by creating and continuing to support Israel, these allies would lay the foundations of a deepening conflict against the Islamicate.

Zionism was a grave assault on the history of the global resistance to imperialism that unfolded even as Jewish colons in Palestine laid the foundations of their colonial settler state. The Zionists sought to abolish the ground realities in the Middle East established by Islam over the previous thirteen hundred years. They sought to overturn the demography of Palestine, to insert a European presence in the heart of the Islamicate, and to serve as the forward base for Western powers intent on dominating the Middle East. The Zionists could succeed only by combining the forces of the Christian and Jewish West in an assault that would almost certainly be seen as a new, latter-day Crusade to marginalize the Islamicate peoples in the Middle East.

It was delusional to assume that the Zionist challenge to the Islamicate would go unanswered. The Zionists had succeeded in imposing their Jewish state on the Islamicate because of the luck of timing – in addition to all the other factors that had favored them. The Islamicate was at its weakest in the decades following the destruction of the Ottoman Empire; even a greatly weakened Ottoman Empire had resisted for more than two decades Zionist pressures to grant them a charter to create a Jewish state in Palestine. The first wave of Arab resistance against Israel – led by secular nationalists from the nascent bourgeoisie classes- lacked the structures to wage a people’s war. Taking advantage of this Arab weakness, Israel quickly dismantled the Arab nationalist movement, whose ruling classes began making compromises with Israel and its Western allies. This setback to the resistance was temporary.

The Arab nationalist resistance would slowly be replaced by another that would draw upon Islamic roots; this return to indigenous ideas and structures would lay the foundations of a resistance that would be broader, deeper, many-layered, and more resilient than the one it would replace. The overarching ambitions of Israel—to establish its hegemony over the central lands of the Islamic ate – would guarantee the emergence of this new response. The quick collapse of the Arab nationalist resistance in the face of Israeli victories ensured that the deeper Islamicate response would emerge sooner rather than later. As a result, Israel today confronts – now in alliance with Arab rulers – the entire Islamicate, a great mass of humanity, which is determined to overthrow this alliance. If one recalls that the Islamicate is now a global community, enjoying demographic dominance in a region that stretches from Mauritania to Mindanao – and now counts more than a billion and a half people, whose growth rate exceeds that of any other collectivity – one can easily begin to comprehend the eventual scale of this Islamicate resistance against the Zionist imposition.

In the era preceding the rise of the Nazis, the Zionist idea – even from a Jewish standpoint – was an affront to more than two millennia of their own history. Jews had started migrating to the farthest points in the Mediterranean long before the second destruction of the Temple, where they settled down and converted many local peoples to the Jewish faith. Over time, conversions to Judaism established Jewish communities farther afield – beyond the Mediterranean world. In the 1890s, however, a small but determined cabal of European Jews proposed a plan to abrogate the history of global Jewish communities extending over millennia. They were determined to accomplish what the worst anti-Semites had failed to do: to empty Europe and the Middle East of their Jewish population and transport them to Palestine, a land to which they had a spiritual connection – just as Muslims in Bangladesh, Bosnia, and Burkina Faso are connected to Mecca and Medina – but to which their racial or historical connections were nonexistent or tenuous at best. Was the persecution of Jews in Europe before the 1890s sufficient cause to justify such a radical reordering of the human geography of the world’s Jewish populations?

A more ominous implication flowed from another peculiarity of Zionism. Unlike other white settlers, the Jewish colons lacked a natural mother country, a Jewish state that could support their colonization of Palestine. In the face of this deficiency, the career of any settler colonialism would have ended prematurely. Instead, because of the manner in which this deficit was overcome, the Zionists acquired the financial, political, and military support of much of the Western world. This was not the result of a conspiracy, but flowed from the peculiar position that Jews – at the end of the nineteenth century – had come to occupy in the imagination, geography, economy, and the polities of the Western world.

The Zionists drew their primary support from the Western Jews, many of whom by the middle of the nineteenth century were members of the most influential segments of Western societies. Over time, as Western Jews gravitated to Zionism, their awesome financial and intellectual assets would become available to the Jewish colons in Palestine. The Jewish colons drew their leadership—in the areas of politics, the economy, industry, civilian and military technology, organization, propaganda, and science – from the pool of Europe’s best. It can scarcely be doubted that the Jewish colons brought overwhelming advantages to their contest against the Palestinians and the neighboring Arabs. No other colonists, contemporaneous with the Zionists or in the nineteenth century, brought the same advantages to their enterprise vis-à-vis the natives.

Pro-Zionist Western Jews would make a more critical contribution to the long-term success of Zionism. They would mobilize their resources – as well-placed members of the financial, intellectual, and cultural elites of Western societies—to make the case for Zionism, to silence criticism of Israel, and generate domestic political pressures to secure the support of Western powers for Israel. In other words, the Zionist ability to recruit Western allies depended critically upon the peculiar position that Jews held in the imagination, prejudices, history, geography, economy, and politics of Western societies.

The Jews have always had a ‘special’ relationship with the Christian West; they were special even as objects of Christian hatred. Judaism has always occupied the unenviable position of being a parent religion that was overtaken by a heresy. For many centuries, the Christians regarded the Jews, hitherto God’s ‘chosen people,’ with disdain for rejecting Jesus. Nevertheless, they incorporated the Jewish scriptures into their own religious canon. This tension lies at the heart of Western ambivalence toward Jews; it is also one of the chief sources of the enduring hatred that Christians have directed toward the Jews.

In addition, starting in the fifteenth century, the Protestants entered into a new relationship with Judaism and Jews. In many ways, the Protestants drew inspiration from the Hebrew bible, began to read its words literally, and paid greater attention to its prophesies about end times. The theology of the English Puritans, in particular, assigned a special role to the Jews in their eschatology. The Jews would have to gather in Jerusalem before the Second Coming of Jesus; later, this theology was taken up by the English Evangelicals who carried it to the United States. Over time, with the growing successes of (Jewish) Zionism, the Evangelicals slowly became its most ardent supporters in the United States. The obverse of the Evangelical’s Zionism is a virulent hatred of Islam and Muslims.

Most importantly, however, it was the entry of Jews into mainstream European society – mostly during the nineteenth century – that paved the way for Zionist influence over the politics of several key Western states. The Zionists very deftly used the Jewish presence in the ranks of European elites to set up a competition among the great Western powers – especially Britain, Germany, and France—to gain Jewish support in their wars with each other, and to undermine the radical movements in Europe that were also dominated by Jews. Starting with World War II, the pro-Zionist Jews would slowly build a network of organizations, develop their rhetoric, and take leadership positions in important sectors of American civil society until they had gained the ability to define the parameters within which the United States could operate in the Middle East.

Serendipitously, it appears, pro-Zionist Jews also found, ready at hand, a rich assortment of negative energies in the West that they could harness to their own project. The convergence of their interests with that of the anti-Semites was perhaps the most propitious. The anti-Semites wanted the Jews out of Europe, and so did the Zionists. Anti-Semitism would also become the chief facilitator of the Jewish nationalism that the Zionists sought to create. In addition, the Zionists could muster support for their project by appealing to Western religious bigotry against Muslims as well as their racist bias against the Arabs as ‘inferior’ non-whites.

The Zionists would also argue that their project was closely aligned with the strategic interests of Western powers in the Middle East. This claim had lost its validity by the end of the nineteenth century, when Britain was firmly established in Egypt and it was the dominant power in the Indian Ocean. Indeed, the insertion of an exclusionary Jewish colonial settler state into the Islamicate geographical matrix was certain to provoke waves of resistance from the Muslim peoples. Western interests in the Islamicate were not positively aligned with the Zionist project. Yet, once Israel had been created, it would provoke anti-Western feelings in the Middle East, which, conveniently, the Zionists would deepen and offer as the rationale for supporting and arming Israel to protect Western interests against Arab and, later, Islamicate threats.

Israel was the product of a partnership that seems unlikely at first blush, between Western Jews and the Christian West. It is the powerful alchemy of the Zionist idea that produced and sustained this partnership. The Zionist project to create a Jewish state in Palestine possessed the power to convert two historical antagonists, Jews and Gentiles, into allies united in a common imperialist enterprise against the Islamicate. At different times, the Zionists have harnessed all the negative energies of the West – its imperialism, anti-Semitism, Crusading zeal, anti-Islamic bigotry, and racism – and focused them on a new project, the creation of a surrogate Western state in the Islamicate heartland. At the same time, the West could derive considerable satisfaction from the success of the Zionist project. Western societies could take ownership of, and revel in, the triumphs of this colonial state as their own; they could congratulate themselves for helping ‘save’ the Jewish people; they could feel they had made adequate amends for their history of anti-Semitism; they could feel they had finally paid back the Arabs and Turks for their conquests of Christian lands. Israel possessed a marvelous capacity to feed several of the West’s egotistical needs.

As a vehicle for facilitating Jewish entry into the stage of world history, the Zionist project was a stroke of brilliance. Since the Jews were influential, but without a state of their own, the Zionists were going to leverage Western power in their cause. As the Zionist plan would unfold, inflicting pain on the Islamicate, evoking Islamicate anger against the West and Jews, the complementarities between the two ancient adversaries would deepen, and, over time, new commonalities would be discovered or created between these two antagonist strains of Western history. In the United States, the Zionist movement would encourage Evangelical Christians – who looked upon the birth of Israel as the fulfillment of end-time prophecies – to become fanatic partisans of Israel. The West had hitherto traced its central ideas and institutions to Rome and Athens; in the wake of Zionist successes, it would be repackaged as a Judeo-Christian civilization, drawing its core principles, its inspiration from the Old Testament. This reframing would not only underscore the Jewish roots of the Western world: it would also make a point of emphasizing that Islam is the outsider, the eternal adversary opposed to both.

Zionism owes its success solely to this unlikely partnership. The Zionists could not have created a Jewish state in Palestine by bribing the Ottomans into granting them a charter to colonize Palestine. Despite his offers of loans, investments, technology, and diplomatic expertise, Theodore Herzl was repeatedly rebuffed by the Ottoman Sultan. It is even less likely that the Zionists, at any time, could have mobilized a Jewish army to invade and occupy Palestine, against Ottoman and Arab opposition. The Zionist partnership with the West was indispensable for the creation of a Jewish state.

This partnership was also fateful. It produced a powerful new dialectic, which has encouraged Israel – as the political center of the Jewish diaspora and the chief outpost of the West in the heart of the Islamic world – to become ever more aggressive in its designs against the Islamicate. In turn, a fragmented, weak and humiliated Islamicate, more resentful and determined after every defeat at the hands of Israel, has been driven to embrace increasingly radical ideas and methods to recover its dignity, wholeness, and power, and to seek to attain this recovery on the strength of Islamic ideas. This destabilizing dialectic has now brought the West itself into a direct confrontation against the Islamicate. This is the tragedy of Israel. It is a tragedy whose ominous consequences, including those that have yet to unfold, were contained in the very idea of an exclusive Jewish state in Palestine.

M. Shahid Alam is professor of economics at Northeastern University. This is an excerpt from his forthcoming book, Israeli Exceptionalism: The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism (Palgrave Macmillan, November 2009). He may be reached at

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  1. Skirting over the religious heritage of Jews in the diaspora Alam misses the key input provided by large-scale Sabbatianism to the Zionist project.

    It’s as if the “Islamicate” to which Alam refers has utterly failed to know its enemies.

    Who does he think the Saudi royals are,I wonder.Pious practising muslims?

    To Sabbateans established religions,especially Judaism and Christianity,are anathema.”Opiates” to be eliminated as Marx averred and the title of Rabbi Marvin Antelman’s famous tome has it.

    It was the Sabbatean Frankist elite and their allies among the Round Table(Milner)Group who hijacked Zionism.

    The same Frankist elite had been active in the Young Turk Donmeh movement that secularized Turkey,made her pliable to international financial interests in which they predominated,and oversaw the genocide against Armenian Christians.

    Orchestrating Israel’s conflicts with its Arab enemies,be they nation states or Islamist groups like Hamas,by arming both sides-these elites who dominate in the CFR in the US control Zionism to this day.

    The nationalism of which these elites seized control at the start of the last century is for reasons that are unexplored in Alam’s essay,extremely abnormal.

    All the more abnormal for being a nationalism manipulated by elites with an internationalist agenda!

  2. I don’t know who or what a sabbatean is. I do know a little about the council on foreign relations, which is one establishment think tank among numerous others. Not nearly as influential as AEI or WINEP, but still home to some minor establishment figures. I am sure folks at CFR would be delighted to learn that they are running the world. All of this sounds great material for the next Dan Brown thriller, but I don’t see its relevance to a serious investigation of contemporary reality.

  3. Since your understanding of Sabbateanism is evidently limited your understanding of the history of Zionism is probably quite limited as well.

    Some people might think that a strange position for an anti-Zionist to occupy!

    Your understanding of the CFR being that it is some kind of retirement home for “minor establishment figures” seems to mesh conveniently well with their own propaganda.

    Those Rockefellers are probably quite cuddly really!

    Maybe the Bilderbergers and Trilaterals are just upmarket superannuated establishment figures too.

    Still if you subscribe to fictions like the above then that probably explains why you’re a fan of Dan Brown too!

  4. Freeborn – are you a friend of David Icke? Like you, he has worked out that absolutely everything is being controlled by a tiny group of Sabbatean-Illuminati-freemasons, and that they are in fact lizards from outer space. All of this reassures me greatly. For a moment there, I thought the world was complicated. So no need to worry about Zionism or anything else – help is on its way from spiritualised beings on the edges of the outermost galaxy!

    Intergalactic peace to you, my friend!

  5. qunfuz

    Hey intergalactic peace to you too…..and all your friends @left-gatekeeper!

    Excuse me did we just smoke yet another left-gatekeeper out of the woodwork?

    Now where you live they set up retirement homes for those mean-no-harm cuddly Sabateans and CFR vets,don’t they?

    In the fetid dampness of the cocoon which you guys inhabit all information is mediated via official and left-gatekeeper sources isn’t it?

    Now,correct me if I’m wrong,but isn’t it true that information re-Sabbatteanism and the CFR is in short supply in this said cocoon?

    For the record-in fact for the historical record- which left-gatekeepers like yourself would rather not consult-David Icke is not the only source of information on Sabbateans and the CFR.

    On Sabbateans we have Gershon Scholem and Marvin Antelman and on the CFR we have Caroll Quigley.

    Now Scholem and Antelman are Zionist historians who have some expertise on the subject of Jewish history.

    While Quigley,a former CFR member who would probably dispute the idea that the said honorary think-tank was merely a retirement home for minor establishment figures,was mentioned as a mentor by Bill Clinton in his inaugural address.

    Quigley’s magnus opus might be unavailable on planet but in it Quigley rather convincingly gives the lie to any idea of the CFR being merely a “minor establishment think-tank”.

    Maybe Dan Brown and David Icke are not the best place to start “a serious investigation of contemporary reality”-now whose pompous phrase was that for God’s sake?

    In fact smearing anyone who distrusts left-gatekeeper sources with the David Icke brush smacks a little of smearing anyone who questions official sources on the David Kelly “suicide”,with the Walter Mitty brush doesn’t it?

    qunfuz-are you a friend of Alastair Campbell?

  6. There’s a lot of reading to do before the guys @left-gatekeeper come back on this one!

    While you’re waiting they’ll probably resort to a little blanket censorship or “moderation” as they prefer to call it.

    It gives them a little breathing space………

  7. qunfuz

    Now I know you’ve got a lot of revision to do.What with failing your GCSEs and catching up on Jewish history and the CFR but you shouldn’t have made us wait so long….for…well-for naff all,really!

    With the current weight on your shoulders you’re understandably a bit despondent,so we didn’t expect much in the way of wit or erudition.

    And sure enough we didn’t get it!

    Never mind,fella!

    Stay in the left-gatekeeper cocoon/reptile house.

    You can get away with all sorts of BS there.

    You could team up with Cohen,Hitchens,Aaronabitch and all those other Rothschild pens.

    No-one will ever notice.

    And there’s always re-sits!

    The Roths will pay your fees.

    No probs!

    Lighten up,bud!

  8. qunfuz

    And if,as your teachers predict and your writing and paucity of knowledge suggests,you still fail your re-sit exams-then we can always drag Alastair Campbell out of retirement to officially deny you ever took them!

    And don’t forget Pulse censors will always come to your RESCuoo…………..

  9. Let’s meet some of the cuddly folks down at the Bilderberger,Trilateral CFR retirement home for “minor establishment figures”:

    Tim Geitner,Treasury Sec.
    Hilary Clinton,Secretary of State
    Susan Rice,Ambassador to the UN
    James L Jones,National Security Adviser
    Thomas Donnelan,Deputy National Security Adviser
    Henry Kissinger,Special State Department Envoy
    Paul Volcker,Chair Economic Recovery Commission
    Admiral Dennis C Blair,Director National Intelligence
    Robert Gates,Defence Secretary
    James Steinberg,Deputy Secretary of State
    Dr Richard Haass,State Department Special Envoy
    Alan Greenspan,Presidential Adviser
    Richard Holbrooke,State Department Special Envoy

    In the left-gatekeeper controlled state media cocoon these guys are just “minor establishment figures” put out to grass.

    In the real world these guys are all on Obama’s current team and have been powerful players in any number of previous administrations.

    Do any of you guys at Pulse actually have a…..well a pulse?

  10. More from the BTCFR retirement home for the infirm and powerless:

    “For a long time I felt that FDR had developed many thoughts and ideas that were his own to benefit this country.But he didn’t.

    “Most of his thoughts were carefully manufactured for him in advance by the Council On Foreign Relations One World Money Group.”

    Curtis Dall,son-in-law to FDR from his book My Exploited Father-in-Law:FDR

    “The real truth is,as you and I know,that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

    FDR 1933

    “The Trilateral Commission is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the US….they will rule in the future.”

    Barry Goldwater 1964

    “The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim,nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.”

    Carroll Quigley:Tragedy and Hope 1966

    In the “Society of the Spectacle”,the first priority of spectacular domination,Debord,wrote was to make all historical knowledge disappear.

    In the cocoon of the official and gatekeeper media this disappearance of history in favour of a thoroughly mediated prefabricated “reality” has already taken place.

    The testimony of historical actors is of no great moment with the “mediatics” (Debord’s prescient term for today’s gate-keepers and “experts”)who are where they are because of their willingness to filter disinformation and make verifiable historical knowledge disappear.

    With the shadow government now long dead or tucked up in their retirement home for “minor establishment figures” there is no longer anything to fear but fear itself…..

    Now who was it who said that…..?

    I can’t remember now!

  11. The CFR Home for Infirm Minor Establishment Figures is headquartered in NY.

    In the left-gatekeeper community they don’t appear to have noticed that NY is also home to the UN.

    So the idea that the CFR were key players in drafting the UN Charter is probably unknown to them.It is a small step then for such people to entertain the rather quaint and absurd idea that the CFR has no realistic aspirations to world governance.

    In the real world beyond the opacity that shrouds the left-gatekeeper cocoon we might note that both the Covenant of the League of Nations and the Charter of the UN have as their principal author,CFR member one Leo Pasvolsky.He was assisted in this task by co-CFR operative,Alger Hiss.

    Additionally when the US finally became involved in the UN officially the five men who the President chose to draw up the original draft of the UN Charter were all CFR:Isaiah Bowman,Benjamin Cohen,Clark Eichelberger,Sumner Welles,and Hamilton Fish Armstrong.All five were to be supervised by CFR “member-experts”,Pasvolsky and Hiss.

    Emerging from their blinkered cocoon it might by now have occurred to the guys that the first seven men to be identified with the UN were all CFR.

    Now quite why seven guys drafted the UN Charter if they were merely geriatric establishment figures who abjured from taking any major role in world affairs will probably remain vague in the minds of our friends in the notoriously research-averse gatekeeper community.But they are unlikely to let such trifling historical details interfere with the cosy harmless BTCFR retirement home stereotype they would purvey.

    Still the facts of history can always be airbrushed or censored when they become inconvenient to the delusional thinking that often characterises the folks at

    While there are still people out there unwilling to swallow the establishment narratives on such topics as the CFR and the Holocaust it’s probably best to avoid them.

  12. Wildly underestimating the strength of elite power concentrated in Sabbatean-driven NWO networks like the CFR,UN,Trilaterals and Bildebergers is characteristic of left-gatekeeper commentary.

    In such commentary willingness to accept elite narratives and the general lack of intellectual curiosity about key aspects of Jewish history,like Sabbateanism for example,severely limits the depth and scope of analysis.

    Commentary that is generally supportive of the Israeli left and their willingness to accommodate Palestinian aspirations needs also to be aware of the extent to which the both secular Zionism and the Israeli left draw their lifeblood from earlier forms of secular messianism like Sabbateanism.

    Two former Presidents and Founding Fathers of the state,Labour Zionist Ben Zvi (1952-63)and Shalman Shazar (1963-73) researched and wrote important books on Sabbateanism not because they liked Dan Brown conspiracy fiction but because they recognised a profound affinity between their identities as Jews and Zionists with secular Sabbatean precepts.

  13. Aside from being obligatory for anyone seeking a better understanding of Zionism an appreciation of the history of Palestine is afforded by studying the emergence of Sabbateanism in the Middle East.

    For it was in Gaza that Shabatai Zvi the long awaited Jewish messiah received the endorsement of the authorities deemed as the stamp of authenticity by world Jewry.To be taken seriously as the prophet he purported to be,Zvi needed the endorsement of Rabbi Nathan Ashkenazi of Gaza.In 1665 Zvi,then in Gaza,himself was named as the new messiah by Nathan.

    Key rabbis in Gaza convinced by Zvi’s knowledge of Kabbalah and his mystical leanings generally adopted and spread the faith.Thus Ottoman Palestine,home at that time to Jewish leaders and thinkers of almost uniform European extraction,particularly from Spain and Portugal,was the fount from which Sabbateanism spread to Jews in the major centres of Europe and the Ottoman Empire whence it spread to outer communities.

    In many ways the cocktail of messianism,prophecy,science,humanism and mercantilism that characterised the early modern Baroque mindset find their ultimate fufillment in the uniquely globalizing cosmopolitanism of Sabbatean/Donmeh elites that built trading cities of the late nineteenth century Turkish empire like Salonica and Smyrna.

    Donmeh Sabbatean communities which practised endogamy and had their own progressive schools in such cities and whose official adherence to Islam allowed them to rise to key positions in the Ottoman bureaucracy,military and financial elite were particularly well placed by this time to shape and channel transregional flows of capital,technology and knowledge.

    It should therefore come as no surprise therefore to discover that Sabbateanism had a particular hold among the Founding Fathers of the Israeli state.

    Herzl’s vision of a cosmopolitan secular state populated by progressive secular Jews rather than the Orthodox East European ones owes much to his exposure to the Sabbatean Donmeh cultural outlook found across their communities in Ottoman S.E.Europe in places like Macedonia,Greece,Bulgaria and major cities such as Istanbul and Izmir,Zvi’s home town.

    The example provided by the Donmeh that they could outwardly espouse Islam and become the most radicalizing and progressive of all Ottoman citizens while simultaneously retaining their Sabbatean identity as well was not lost on early Zionists like Ben Gurion,Moshe Sharret and Ben Zvi,the last probably named after the prophet,who had all formally embraced Ottoman citizenship themselves.

    While Sabbateans have been villified beyond measure by conspiracy theorists of the Dan Brown type because of their history of dual identity and secrecy together with the spectacular levels of power and wealth they have achieved-researching their history is especially rewarding if one has any pretensions at all about providing serious coverage of events in the Middle East and the wider world.

    Currently Sabbatean elites in the CFR and UN can provide strategically placed allies for the Israeli left and the only possible brake on the nationalism (that currently characterises Israeli political leadership) but which has been inimical to their community since Ottoman days.

    Gatekeeper commentators with a knee-jerk aversion to anything they perceive as “conspiracy theory” which is seemingly driven by their craving for respectability are doing us a disservice.

    By imagining that an historical movement that because it has been villified by conspiracy theorists cannot in reality exist and that if it does it is probably powerless and should be confined in an old people’s home is not really advancing anyone’s understanding of the situation in the Middle East or anywhere else!

    Airbrushing from history a most crucial component of the Middle East story-that represented by Zvi’s messianic role in Jewish history and its worldwide repercussions thereafter might be helpful to elites who would like to keep their history obscured but it is decidedly unhelpful to those who seek to understand their current omnipotence.

  14. And meanwhile those cuddly “minor establishment figures” in the CFR:the Bronfmans and Paul Volcker,their senile heads nodding quietly off to sleep,need not worry re-their retirement being disturbed by anyone from asking awkward questions.

    “World governance,is that your final goal Mr Volcker?”asked our intrepid Pulse reporter.

    “Are you some kinda conspiracy nut or somethin’?
    World governance? It never entered my mind!”replied Edgar Bronfman on behalf of his colleague who by now was overly engrossed in supping his cocoa.

    “Well what about the role played by the CFR and Trilaterals in creating the global inflatable paper currency empire we call monetarism?”

    “Well what about it?”demanded Volcker when he’d finally downed his cocoa.

    Switzerland was just one country where these impotent old establishment figures extended the promissory note scam that underwrites their financial stranglehold on the world’s economies.

    Revisiting how they pulled it off yet again in the 1990s is instructive.

  15. The new dictionary (sponsored by Fox) hits the bookstores today!

    Bilderberger:a cake with squares in it

    CFR:Old Peoples Home for Minor Establishment figures where Messrs.Carnegie,Ford and Rockefeller enjoy their retirement in peace

    Trilateral Commission:A three-sided think-tank that allows a few establishment ol’ duffers to git (imaginary)triple bangs for their bucks! would like to make clear to all readers that none of the above have any real power whatever and if you think otherwise you oughta git on over….to one a them there…conspiracy nut sites.

    That Bilderberger Group are the real fruit cakes.They think they invented the European currency and the EU.Their senile dementia has progressed so far that they’re trying to tell our reporters that at their reunion in 2005 they decided the price of a barrel of oil for 2007 would be 80$ and that in 2008 they were going to hike it to $140!

    Holy shit!

    Here at we would like to finally lay these delusional power-tripping geriatrics’ claims to rest.After all assisted-suicide is the last best hope of these latter-day eugenicists.

    Bilderberger meetings are simply private discussions between private individuals and the idea that they are a private parliament of the unacknowledged world government is just for conspiracy nuts.

    This is your switched-on Pulse reporter from the Canadian Council of Executives think-tank for minor establishment figures signing off……..

  16. In March 2002 Bilderberg participants-senile geriatrics all-decided that the attack on Iraq planned for later that year would be suspended until at least March 2003.

    Those wily old buzzards managed to nail the very same schedule to which the military ultimately conformed.

    Invisible government or natural coincidence?

    Well,given that colludes wholesale with the Big Lies that keep the invisible government,er….invisible-well it’s the latter,of course.

    If however some doubt exists in your mind and you’re not research-averse go to for more on the elite cake with squares in it!

    This site is replete with detail on origins,current attendees and runs a great forum.

  17. The correspondence between Bilderberger elite planning and its military NATO enforcement probably has not a little to do with the fact that since 1971 all NATO Secretary Generals have been Bilderbergers.

    Yes,that’s right-

    Joseph Luns 1971-84
    Lord Carrington 1984-88
    Manfred Worner 1988-94
    Willy Claes 1994-95
    Javier Solana 1995-99
    Lord Robertson 1999-2004
    Jaap de Hoof Scheffer 2004-09
    Anders Fogh Rasmussen 2009-

    were all addicted to the cake with squares in it.

    Although Willy Claes (1994-95)only had time for a mouthful before he was put bed by the geriatric nurse.

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