Obama’s war in Afghanistan

Fault Lines brings together a panel of guests and a studio audience to discuss Obama’s war in Afghanistan. Hosted by Avi Lewis. Excellent interventions from Jeremy Scahill and Matthew Hoh.

Part two …

For feedreaders: part one, part two

One thought on “Obama’s war in Afghanistan”

  1. I would love to see a panel of people sit down somewhere nice and comfy and interview Jeremy Scahill for whatever length of time it takes for everyone in the room to feel he has satisfactorily addressed all their issues….

    I don’t care if the video had to run into days. I’d watch every minute of it without my interest flagging.

    That guy is just, flat out, a star.

    To whatever extent he might not yet have a perfect perspective on this stuff yet, the people in the panel could help him fill it out and expound on it. After the taping, we inaugurate him as President so he can implement everything while the rest of us are watching him talk. We emerge to find ourselves living in a hugely improved world.

    Don’t wake me up….

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