Graphic History of the Honduran Coup, final part

Dan Archer, comics journalist and instructor at Stanford University, has the following to say about the final installment of his 3-part graphic history of the Honduran coup, which can be viewed below:

In the final part… I focus on piecing together the evidence of the repression that went mostly undocumented in the wake of the Nov 29th Honduran elections. Despite the media’s portrayal of a democratic transition to Porfirio Lobo’s inauguration as president a week ago, the de facto government’s use of violence and threats against resistance members should stand as an ominous augury, especially given its clear links to Lobo and his cabinet. Most troubling of all is the United States’ involvement under the banner of promoting ‘democracy,’ a term that is being increasingly used as a pretext for supporting a regime whose sympathies correspond to the American agenda (be it CAFTA or alarmist left-wing conspiracies), regardless of popular feeling or their worrying record of human rights abuses.”

View the first two parts of the graphic history here and here; for a full-color, 32 page comic detailing events from the coup on June 28th 2009 to Jan 27th 2010, as well as the historical context of US intervention in Central America, visit here.

To read more of Archer’s comics journalism visit Archcomix.

PANEL 6: For disputes on the legality of the coup and Zelaya’s supposed infraction of the Honduran Constitution, see my first graphic history, as well as the legal evidence here; PANEL 7: See list of such principles outlined by the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva here. (Editor’s note: Zelaya remained in the Brazilian embassy from September 21, 2009, to January 27, 2010.)

PANEL 1: Quote from State dept website; PANEL 2: Report can be view here; PANEL 3-6: Supporting evidence for these testimonies thanks to Joe Shansky’s article, “Killing Activists in Honduras,” published in Upside Down World .

PANEL 1-7: Supporting evidence for these testimonies thanks to Joe Shansky’s article, “Killing Activists in Honduras,” published in Upside Down World .

PANEL 4-6 Despite a media blackout on these raids and an official denial by an army spokesman, several accounts corroborate the violent evictions.

PANEL 1: Maldonado’s story; PANEL 2: Full account of Silva’s ordeal here; PANEL 4: Seen here with the report is IACHR President Luz Patricia Mejía Guerrero; PANEL 6: Depicted here is Jorge Rivera Avilés, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

PANEL 1: Graphic history of the School of the Americas here; PANEL 3: Obama’s quote from June 29th; PANEL 4: Yellow quotes taken from the Washington Post.

Comic first published in The Huffington Post.

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