The Seven Laws of Noah

In a recent post on Israel’s PR campaign, Tali Shapiro mentioned an article “about something called the “Jewish Values Lobby” trying to get employers in Zefed to force “Arab” (Palestinians don’t exist in NRG) workers to sign a statement, where they’ll keep the Seven Laws of Noah, as a prerequisite to their employment.”

Here’s more on that story, courtesy of a translated item from Maariv.

Do Arab workers in businesses in Tzefat and the surrounding area need to fulfill commandments from the Tanach? This is the opinion of activists from the “Jewish Values Lobby,” who are starting a campaign to persuade employers to ask their workers to sign a religious statement according to which they will undertake to observe the Seven Noachide Laws. These include prohibitions against eating parts of a live animal, serving idols, desecrating Hashem’s name, immorality, robbery, and violence.

This initiative, which is expected to take Israeli Arabs by storm, was officially launched today. Lobbyists will visit businesses in Tzefat and the surrounding communities, which employ hundreds of Arabs living nearby, and they will ask them to sign their employees on a commitment to observe the Seven Noachide Laws.

“I hereby sign that I will undertake to observe the Seven Noachide Laws and declare my faithfulness to the Jewish nation according to Jewish values,” it is written in the statement. “I know that if I am caught violating any one of these laws, my employer will be allowed to fire me with no prior notice nor compensation.”

The Jewish Values Lobby explained that this campaign does not contradict a directive from one of the Jewish leaders of the generation from two years ago against employing Arab workers in public places. “We recommend that people don’t employ Arab workers,” a spokesman from the lobby explained. “But unfortunately, there are many Jews who employ Arabs in their stores, so we decided to deal with reality.”

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3 thoughts on “The Seven Laws of Noah”

  1. These laws prohibit **inter alia** “immorality, robbery and violence”. I guess Palestinian Arabs insist on the right to commit robbery and be violent and immoral.
    btw: odd how the same people who can’t get their mouth around the name “Israel” but have to refer to “the zionist entity” in all publications insist on the use of the term “Palestinian” although right now there is no such country.

  2. Palestine *is* the country, too bad the zionist entity currently sits on top of it. If the zionist entity term gets under your skin, perhaps you’s prefer shitty little satanic state 9which will eventually implode) that incinerates children, defies international law, refuses to declare its borders as any normal state would, continues to steal labor, tax credits, land, water and soil, and is a menace to humanity by calling for attacks against Iran and by regularly invading its neighbors — you mean that state (of depravity?)

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