On the real “Climategate”

If you saw Johann Hari’s widely-circulated indictment of corruption in the conservation movement in The Nation, you should watch his interview from Tuesday’s Democracy Now! With Christine MacDonald, he lays out the real outage in the environmental community — the collusion between several of the largest conservation groups and some of the world’s worst polluters. As he wrote last week:

Groups like Conservation International are among the most trusted “brands” in America, pledged to protect and defend nature. Yet as we confront the biggest ecological crisis in human history, many of the green organizations meant to be leading the fight are busy shoveling up hard cash from the world’s worst polluters–and burying science-based environmentalism in return. Sometimes the corruption is subtle; sometimes it is blatant. In the middle of a swirl of bogus climate scandals trumped up by deniers, here is the real Climategate, waiting to be exposed.

MacDonald, meanwhile, has authored Green, Inc. which similarly exposes the complacency of a number of organizations in the wake of alarming corruption and corporate influence.

Author: Andrew Oxford

Andrew Oxford is a journalist living in San Antonio, Texas and Boston. His work has been featured in Le Monde Diplomatique and The San Antonio Express-News.

2 thoughts on “On the real “Climategate””

  1. Great stuff. My major criticism of MacDonald’s book is that she does not examine the effects of liberal philanthropy on the environmental movement.

    For this reason I wrote the following article last year which draws upon her book and other critical resources.

    “When Environmentalists Legitimize Plunder,” Swans Commentary, January 26, 2009.

    Since writing this article I wrote another follow-up one and many other that examine the influence of liberal elites on the evolution of the environmental movement.

    See http://michaeljamesbarker.wordpress.com/environment/

  2. Sonny boy. You shot yourself in the foot with this sentence: “n the middle of a swirl of bogus climate scandals trumped up by deniers, here is the real Climategate”. Anyone can say that…. and believe it, must have opted out of science classes in grade school. But seriously, I don’t believe there is anyone stupid enough not to see that Gore’s little powerplay with the Climate was just a attempt to transfer wealth. I’m certain that Gore will end up in jail. If they can jail Conrad Black for what he did, then Gore will get a hell of a lot more time!

    Please go back to school and learn about CO2.

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